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  1. My concern with Makar, just like Subban, can he actually play defense. Offensively I'm not worried at all about his offensive merit
  2. There is a difference Makar has offensive talent and offensive awareness. Makar does the things that put up points in the NHL. Virtanen's game offensively is similar to Kesler's 41 goal season, once they figure out the one move, they know how to defend it.
  3. I can't say he's underrated. I honestly say he was overrated from the time he was drafted. I saw him as a straight line forward with very low offensive awareness that used his size and speed and great shot against smaller, less speedy, crappier goaltenders than he is ever going to see in the NHL. He didn't really score goals that would go in the NHL and so far that has proven to be true with him struggling offensively (even though granted it has only been 2 pro seasons so far and players take time). My biggest concern is that the Canucks have given him the tools and direction to succeed, however he has been seen at bars in vancouver getting drunk on weekends looking a little pudgy again, and a friend of mine has even seen him in Abbotsford at Walmart getting beer pong supplies not to long ago. Obviously he's not taking what Travis Green has said too seriously, because if it were me, I'd be busting my butt in the gym and with my nutrition getting ready for next season. So do I think he's under rated? Not a chance, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions; that is what makes us great.
  4. Less valuable because he has a full NTC and won't waive it. He loves Vancouver and wont be going anywhere
  5. No one questions his on ice performance, 28 goals gets you value, you just aren't going to win the lottery in the return. If Kane goes, I doubt it will be a throw away like we did for Kassian. As for the Canucks, it just doesn't make any sense for us to pursue, by the time we rebuild he'll be past his prime. However trading Tanev for Duchene, signing Oshie and getting Kane for cheap would definitely speed up our competitiveness. Still not sure I'd do it though, I'm happy for a tear down
  6. There's a good reason, he sucks
  7. Tanev for Duchene... not going to happen but i can dream
  8. Why did Columbus suddenly turn good, I'd much prefer 35th to 57th
  9. I'd be trying to move out expensive contracts and Sutter falls into that category
  10. Instead of a draft party feed, I'd love a draft table live stream
  11. I think that's a great idea, sign me up. I love watching people watching tv
  12. I disagree, it got us change and the firing of MG.
  13. Since you've been born, both Pittsburgh and Detroit have won more cups than Chicago, if the Penguins win again that will be 5 cups since 1990 (tops in the league), 3 cups in the last 9 years and 4 Stanley cup final appearances in the last 10. 40% chance of making the Stanley Cup Finals and 33% chance of winning over the last decade is a dynasty IMO. Those 3 teams have all had dynasties, but the Penguins having a 20% chance of winning the cup with 30 teams (+/- expansion) in the league over a 25 year period is pretty incredible. Nothing though will match the Oilers run in the 80's, but the league is run so much closer now, so that will be next to impossible to emulate.
  14. If he was smart, he would've turned it down...