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  1. Or the fact that players don't want to sign here because better teams going somewhere want them instead
  2. Has skill, plays a small game, gets hurt a lot. While he would be the new Linden Vey or Santorelli, I wouldn't get too excited about this pick up; more of a desperate move than improving the team
  3. What I meant, is the Sabres have more things to worry about then whether or not they want to trade him to Vancouver
  4. I think Buffalo is still wondering if Kane is going to jail or not rather than thinking if they are trading him to Vancouver
  5. How can you really care about what some idiot says when he using the words fVckton and sh!t multiple times every paragraph
  6. I stopped caring about this report once they said Sbisa is a #7 D. Some idiot from Toronto stirring up trash about Vancouver because he's been brainwashed that the Leafs are now the best team in the league.
  7. What happens when the Flames finally get a good hockey guy in Treliving running that team
  8. You stayed up late just to watch the highlights on Sports Page, God I miss that show
  9. His game fell apart after returning to the AHL
  10. Thanks for coming out. The reality is this team will never be bad enough for a full rebuild as long as the Sedins are here, so you kinda have to do what JB is doing, it is tough, but possible. No one said it'll be easy, and remember JB isn't a draft guy, he's a talent evaluator and that can be at any age group, not just kids under 18
  11. He can't play in the AHL at 18, he's 20 at the start of the season and therefore eligible for the AHL
  12. Makes sense for both parties
  13. Like usual when our cupboards are pretty bare, I doubt we do very well. We'll have some pretty good G and struggle to score. Juolevi will look good, Boeser likely won't be there. Subban will look decent, then the rest won't really exist. Hard to do well at young stars when most of our young stars are on our NHL club; not a bad problem to have
  14. Minnesota doesn't accept this trade. Thats like Virtanen and Hutton for Granlund Sbisa and Subban
  15. AKA not signing here