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  1. True that.. I just rather have the pick of anyone you want vs only being able to get a player that someone else doesn’t want anymore. Especially when the players we draft seem to have much higher ceilings than the former 1st and 2nd rounders whom teams are giving up on
  2. Canucks future #1 center

    Stammer as in Stamkos? I choose Crosby and McDavid
  3. You listed Shinkaruk, Subban, Pedan and McCann I’ll list, Vey, Forsling, Clendening, Etem Too early to tell on McCann, Subban, Dahlen, Goldobin Its a 50/50 crap shoot; I’m not as confident as you in his abilities to find other teams leftovers valuable. I much prefer his way of drafting players he gets to choose.
  4. Clearly, the most talented player ever to play for this team... Bure Other notables, Messier (not Canuck Messier but Oiler/Ranger Messier), Mogilny, Sundin (Toronto Sundin), Bertuzzi, and of course a young Ryan Miller or Luongo
  5. Depending who it is and what else we could’ve gotten. I’d always prefer quality over quantity. Just remember if its a prospect and they are willing to get rid of them when they also add picks etc, they obviously don’t think too highly of them. We just need to be careful about these types of trades, they never usually pan out.
  6. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Hence why i said max. That’s usually what you pay for 50-60 points.
  7. Yes, I think he’s going to try and acquire another young player like Dahlen/Goldobin caliber, just with size in a trade. I don’t expect an actual NHLer
  8. Let's Give Gud Hockey Net-Deal.

    I agree. I’d be looking at trading Tanev instead as the return would be much higher
  9. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Yes to both at a reasonable price (3.5 million max)
  10. I’d consider trading Taney and re-signing Gudbranson. Edler and Guddy look really good together and the physicality is hard to replace. Tanev will obviously get you a much larger return as he is still under a good contract and not a rental. Trade Vanek and tell him we’ll talk on July 1 as we clearly should bring him back.
  11. I honestly thinks this means, JB will be all in on Evander Kane this summer
  12. Is Brock a Generational Talent?

    Not a generational talent unless you can create everything on your own. McDavid makes everyone else better, Boeser needs other good players to be great. He’s a great player but that’s my determination of a generational player.
  13. They won’t be moving anywhere. Its all just politicking
  14. Idea for increasing Boeser's speed

    That is a really bad idea and makes no sense
  15. The government shouldn’t be paying public money for our entertainment. If a franchise worth over 700 million dollars wants a new arena for hockey. Let them pay for it.