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  1. does she have a known diagnosis?  Is she waiting to see him or waiting for a surgery time?
  2. I get people into see him much less than that
  3. I'd recommend Dr Leith, he works with Rick Cellebrini who is the Physio for the Canucks.  I've seen many of Leith's surgeries and he's very good.
  4. Can Ryan Miller continue his Elite play?

    Best player on the team so far this year
  5. Another imperfect NHL process - waivers

    On the other hand if a team thinks a player deserves to be in the NHL is it fair to the player to be forced into the minors because the team has more depth and are stuck behind others when other teams could use him? Especially when said player is of enough NHL games experience or is old enough and been given enough chances to make said team?
  6. Even though Green deserves a shot at the NHL;  I'm being selfish by hoping he doesn't get promoted until our prospects are more matured
  7. Panic in C of Red

    Maybe reality has set in that last year was a fluke;  on paper they aren't a very good team.  
  8. Gaglardi closer to winning Cup than Aquilini

    Which team has made more money? FA wins hands down
  9. Best move by MG in his tenure here.  Thanks for a 2nd rounder Mike, it only cost us a wasted season
  10. Back when he played I bet Burrows did cross the line, he's grown up since then
  11. If Sutter had his head up he would've seen Daniel on a breakaway and would've chipped it out instead of trying to carry it out of his zone
  12. Or Sutter blowing it in OT against Calgary. Everyone makes mistakes, the real question is do they repeat that same mistake
  13. What happened to Burrows's gritty play?

    He is almost 35 you know
  14. Sbisa has actually been very good this season. Instead of jumping on the anti Sbisa bandwagon you should just start watching the games
  15. That's only if he retires in the 2021 season