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  1. Or best coach since AV; whom is still under appreciated here. Most winningest coach in Vancouver history and over a long tenure
  2. The real Jan broke her hip! ( Recovery MODE)

    That’s too bad, I hope her recovery is ok; on a second note, i think you meant femur not fibula otherwise you are talking about her ankle or knee
  3. Tragically Hip Gord Downie Passed away

    RIP Gord I hear your voice cross a frozen lakeA voice from the end of a leafSaying, “You won’t die of a thousand fakesOr be beaten by the sweetest of dekes” The Tragically Hip - The Lonely End of the Rink
  4. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    To make better
  5. Austrian Election

    Especially the failures in life, everyone else during their working life had no free floating income of their own due to some of the highest taxes on the planet. A society that completely relies on the government to subsidize their entire life including retirement, doesn’t sound like fun to me. I’d rather depend on myself than on someone else allowing me to survive. Government subsidized theft is still theft after all.
  6. Austrian Election

    Glad to see people finally seeing that socialism isn’t the best answer. Too bad it sounds like these far right clowns are as ridiculous as the alt-right movement in the USA
  7. I think Gudbranson has looked pretty crappy. Although a small sample size, him and Hutton are at the bottom. Del Zotto on the other hand has looked really good. Tanev has been great, Edler has been pretty good, Del Zotto has been much better than I expected, Stetcher has been pretty solid, Hutton has been not great and neither has Gudbranson. Overall I’ve been happy with the team so far and they are playing well. Interested to see Pouliot next game.
  8. For sure, he’s more valuable playing for us then trying to give him away and retain salary
  9. Value is low due to contract; player has a NMC for another year, then a full no trade clause for 2 more years, then I believe a modified no trade clause for the last 2 years. All of those things significantly bring down his value and basically make him untradable unless you are willing retain salary and give him away for free, or buy him out.
  10. Its essentially a medical assessment, not a physical conditioning test like the combine
  11. You can’t fake a series of physical health tests; if anything the doctors were paid off
  12. All raising the minimum wage does is make the middle class poorer.
  13. SFU petition to change Clan name....

    That is what happens when people go to university and then think they are actually intelligent