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  1. NBA Discussion

    Where was Kawahi in 2013 NBA Finals?
  2. NBA Discussion

    No, Lebron is still the best player in the world. Your second statement doesn't even mean you take the best player. 25 Leonard or 32 year old Lebron, if I'm starting a team RN I'd probably pick Leonard too based solely on age
  3. Juice and Kesler played their best hockey as a Canuck, Kass was horrible here AND in Montreal (guess Montreal sucks too?) Bonino had better numbers in Vancouver than in Pittsburgh
  4. Blown leads everywhere

  5. Dale Tallon named Florida GM again

    Maybe he wants Gudbranson back
  6. Proposal: Vancouver - Philly

    so we trade Baer and a 3rd for Nichuskin and Tanev for a first and 2nd and a big cap dump in Niemi?
  7. Henrik won't ever on be the 4th line. We're probably going to be stuck with Edler. Baer-Horvat-Boeser Sedins-Goldobin (Only way I see him sticking since he's too soft for a bottom 6 role) Grandlund-Sutter-Eriksson Gaunce-Shore-plug Edler-Tanev Tryamkin-Stecher Gudbranson-Hutton Markstrom Demko/ufa plug Think Subban/Juolevi could push for spots on D but I think it's already overcrowded, guess we lose/trade Sbisa already in this scenario
  8. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Anyone else surprised by the numbers. (Forbe's annual rankings of the highest paid WWE superstars for the 2016 calendar year) 1 Brock Lesnar $12 million 2 John Cena $8 million 3 Triple H $3.8 million 4 Roman Reigns $3.5 million 5 Dean Ambrose $2.7 million 6 AJ Styles $2.4 million 7 Shane McMahon $2.2 million T8 The Undertaker $2 million T8 Seth Rollins $2 million 10 Randy Orton $1.9 million
  9. [Firing] Kings Fire Lombardi/Sutter

    02/03: 19 W, 18L 8 Ties 1 OTL for 47 points (Didn't qualify for playoffs) 03/04: 42 W, 30L 7T 3 OTL for 94 points (Led them to the SC Finals) 04/05: 46 W, 25L 11 OTL for 103 point (Lost in Conference finals)
  10. We get a 1st round pick instead of a 4th round pick?
  11. The Calgary Flames

    "not take runs at them to end their career" That crosscheck wasn't even that cheap haha you see that in most games
  12. Biggest surprise at Trade Deadline (Any NHL Team)

    I just think Vrbata just doesn't like being traded mid season.
  13. Who wins in a fight? Justice league or the Avengers!!?!

    yet he only faces a clown, roided out guy, a penguin man, killer croc and an oh so scary Mr Freeze
  14. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Why? Diaz made him tap and he didn't lose anything from that