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  1. I just think Vrbata just doesn't like being traded mid season.
  2. yet he only faces a clown, roided out guy, a penguin man, killer croc and an oh so scary Mr Freeze
  3. Why? Diaz made him tap and he didn't lose anything from that
  4. I still have all of them. I was lucky and hauled in this year Franchise Force: McDavid/Byfuglien/Karlsson. Platinum: McDavid/Iginla/Van Riemsdyk/Lunqqvuist Pure Gold: Seguin/P.Kane/Eberle/Little/Bergeron/Tavares Clear cut Phenoms: Gostibehere/Bennett last year I got Platinum: Crosby Shining Futures: Tarasenko/Monahan/Forsberg/La Rose Above the Ice: Lunqvuist/Crosby/Doughty (Just went through my Collection)
  5. I just recently started with the Tim Horton ones last year, got a platinum Crosby/Lunqvuist and a few others then this year I got a Franchise Force McDavid and Karlsson which was pretty swag
  6. I stopped reading when it suggested they'd protect Sbisa over Edler
  7. But that young winger in Winnipeg has about 3 own goals
  8. Did you not see Granlund or Eriksson?
  9. Klingberg missed a team meeting. Hamhuis didn't. So not very comparable
  10. making it sound like he did something heroic lol
  11. There was a plane on the field?
  12. Minnesota went from 5-0 to 5-4 real quick lol
  13. Should watch his fight vs RDA, his footwork was being praised that fight and led to him winning the belt by making RDA go the wrong way and landing the shot that stunned him. Like McGregor said, Alvarez is a warrior but he just didn't belong in the ring with him. (Also how can Alvarez make fun of McGregor's tattoos when he has his last name on his back?)
  14. Bruce Arians thought there should have been a penalty on Wagner last week. Also Prescott only 8/20 completions