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  1. Why would we trade Hammer for a UFA and a 2nd?
  2. GDT: Around the NHL Week of February (08-12) 2016

    Curse you lol knew it had to be one of the Sedins when they started off the year so hot. Had to google the Columbus game and then got distracted with a game and then googled the blackhawks game
  3. GDT: Around the NHL Week of February (08-12) 2016

    Hank Nov. 21, 2015 vs the blackhawks? lol
  4. NFL thread

    Idk why both New England fans and Brady haters need to nitpick "stats" to support or attack each other.   Yes Brady missed time during that postseason (Not much to really make a difference maybe could have gotten the TD that Bledsoe got when he subbed in for an injured Brady in the postseason) and was his rookie season.   Peyton is 39 years old and still can't feel the tips of the fingers. being a 20 year old vet is more of a negative than a plus. Highest paid WRs don't mean anything when they play badly and money =/= skill. Gronkowski > Thomas even though Gronk is paid less.
  5. NFL thread

    I forgot Vernon Davis got a superbowl ring. He must feel good, getting traded from the 49ers and get a ring for doing nothing
  6. NFL thread

    Yeah I always liked the Sanders signing. Thomas still got a lot of targets, but like 1/2 catches a game which is odd imo. Wonder if anything will happen to him in the offseason.   And gratz on the Superbowl victory
  7. NFL thread

    All I ever see are Peyton memes that arent even dank. What ever happened to D. Thomas? thought he was an elite receiver but didn't seem like it this year (I didn't watch many Bronco games but the stats)
  8. NFL thread

    Glad D.Thomas gets a pass for his whole postseason. While everyone rags on Peyton
  9. Mike Richards full Cap Recapture Penalty revealed

    No way we get stuck with a 8.5 million dollar cap hit in 2021. That's just unreasonable
  10. But Sportnet won't shut up about how many Norrises Rielly will win in his career
  11. Edmonton goes with four A's

    It's Edmonton, they named Ference captain before he even played a game for them
  12. NFL thread

    Steve Smith jr with back to back great games though, hate to be in the locker room with him 0-3 though
  13. NFL thread

    Baltimore takes a personal foul after getting a first down, then flacco incompletes to end their chances. Pretty much done now and Bengals looking good
  14. NFL thread

    The Eagles obviously made a mistake trading him. Also gratz to Mathews on 100 yards rushing this game
  15. It's not homerism if they also think Sutter won't land us Kadri or JVR. Also Sutter is younger and played on the 3rd line