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  1. Obviously it's going to be Erickson. His gonna earn his 36 mil all on one swoop in scf game 7 overtime.
  2. What did we do to the Panthers to deserve getting screwed not once but twice when it comes to Lu.
  3. Man the hate on Bear on this board is relentless. The guy was literally our 2nd best winger last season before the concussions started to hit. And just to remind people, all of them were caused by cheap/illegal hit by other players.
  4. LOL. The 2nd line center line center is the least of our problems. We will win a cup when Pettersson fully grows into a franchise center and Horvat becomes a true elite 2nd line center (his not that far based on current trajectory) ala Kesler.
  5. Worst comes to worst he just take the qualifying offer. Not much risk here really.
  6. Well for me the biggest success would be just missing the playoffs by like a point or two this saving JB's job (I think a change in management right now would be more detrimental to the team than living with JB's faults.) and somehow manage to win a lottery pick. Will be nicely set up for a nice 5 or so years of window for the cup then.
  7. Our window opens when Podkolzen comes in in 2 years swinging. Also Barrie will help as well.
  8. Don't worry, give it an other five years or so and all these stats would be accurately noted via computer vision and AI.
  9. To be fair, no one would have thought Petty basically destroying the SHL his draft +1 season and more importantly how he was able to dominate in the NHL so fast. Most fans and hockey execs would have thought he will need a few years to establish himself like the Sedins thus reducing the need to sign Petty to a high $ contract right after ELC. The fact Petty and maybe Brock became impact players so fast has moved up the timeline of the rebuild thus shortening the timeline that JB might originally have in mind when signing those quoted contracts. With that in mind, the only really questionable contract out of the bunch is probably Beagle. Rousell is a slight over payment but manageable and more importantly trade-able and he does provide some needed toughness to the lineup we desperately needed after Dorsett was forced to retire. Sutter, and LE were signed with a completely different timeline in mind. Baer is a great player for the price when healthy and for some reason became the new whipping boy after all the previous title holders left. I guess a lot of people just can't get over losing a 2nd round pick for him. Even if injured, he can go to LTIR so what is the problem here, there is no cap implication here. Same with Rousell while we're at it. Beagle is over paid for what he brings and maybe a year too long on the term but that is the price you pay to get a then The Stanley Cup Champion to play of a pre-Petty Canucks destined to be dead f**king last in the league according to media and vegas odd at the time. So hindsight makes these contract look questionable but at the time it was signed, these contracts are very well be planned out according to the perceived timeline at the time. Imagine Petty taking an extra year in the SHL like every one perceived when he was drafted and we somehow did not manage to get Quinn last year, the only big player we need to re-sign before all these 'bad' contract expires is Boeser and therefore no cap issue at all. JB definitely thought through the terms when signing these contracts, just turned out we are better than what he or ownership were expecting. P.S. Also everyone would have thought Lu would go on LTIR like every other player in the re-capture situation so add another $2.2-3 mil to the cap when speculating what JB was thinking.
  10. The dream is we missed the playoffs by a point or two and then go on to win a lottery pick. JB should still be able to earn a contract extension and we get the final big piece to the puzzle.
  11. With Leivo just signed by 1.5m, looks like Boeser is gonna be around 6m unless there is a trade in the works to move out salary.
  12. Well as long he is still a RFA by the end of the deal it is ok I guess.