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  1. Lol, I obviously overreacted, but I did say a few post after that one, this trade is going to be a wash if the pick was in the 20s anyway as we would like to draft a player like Miller at that spot anyways. Glad I was wrong, that pick is doing overtime and working like a 10th overall pick.
  2. Man is inflation bad in Canada. At the start of October it used to be 5 goals guarantees a win, now at the start of December it has grown to 6.
  3. Given at the start of next game. Just as scripted as it is against Toronto.
  4. Ohh Eichel, your team got away with so much and you still complain.
  5. Yeah would have won this in regulation if Marky was in net. Well Demko is still a young goalie so a hit of Jackyl and Hyde was expected.
  6. Well there's a reason these two morons never worked a playoff game.
  7. Well looks like a good time to bring the white towel salute back in the turd.
  8. Lol the one line Oilers ain't going anywhere in the playoffs.
  9. Well we know for us to win we need at least 5 goals so. 5-3 Nucks, 2-0 Sabers after 20