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  1. Best GM in the league, still a little more to go. Best GM of the year, think he got a strong case.
  2. Why killing your brain cells worrying about this. You can't do anything about it. Let JB and management loss brain cells over it.
  3. The only way I will be in favor of it if he, juice, and lu all goes in sharing one spot. Lol guess at that point just put in the whole 82 94 and 11 team as a team.
  4. Sign Markstrom and just expose him in a year. Losing him or Demko is not going to be the end of the world for the Canucks with DiPietro waiting in the wings.
  5. Against every fiber of my being, I would like to say thank you Bruins.
  6. Virt is slowly but surely justifying that 6th overall selection.
  7. The ORCA is the king of the pacific just like it should be!
  8. Luoi Little Things bo more! Big things Loui is here.
  9. This! Drives me nuts how goalie interference can be called when the goalie is outside the crease. Goalie's should be fair game if they are not in their crease or close to it. Especially frustrating when playing against Mike Smith. He milk this like there is no tomorrow.
  10. Sign those bunch of cells to an NHL contract now! Congrats to Bo.
  11. Hellybauch or whatever it is is playing with a horseshoe up his you know where.
  12. This is the problem with a team full of top end skill. They refuse to do it the dirty way.
  13. Yep we losing this one boys. No puck luck today at all This jinx is quickly becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.