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  1. Also consider the US TV deal coming up. I don't think the NHL wants to get into a long and nasty legal case that might hurt the upcoming deal. There is a chance the current CBA may be deemed void should it ever goes to court and should that happen, the NHL can kiss goodbye to the big pay day. Like Vegas said, good chance NHL is going to quietly waive it or at least significantly reduce it (or force us to forfeit a pick(s)l.
  2. Sad thing is, at this moment, Edler is one of the best or the best pending UFA D men on the market.
  3. Did Bettman have a stroke? Two Canadian city in a row? Something is not right...
  4. I want to know who are those 20 idiots.
  5. We have MG willing to go to court if they ever impose the recapture penalty. I think we will be fine. MG is a lawyer and have a lot of time on his hand.
  6. Pheww, One less thing to stress out about. Good job Jimbo and props to Eagle, you truly bleed blue and green.
  7. If I'm Calgary Hitmans front office, I will be sweating bullets right now. Looks more and more likely Woo is gonna be a full time Canuck next season with all of our vet d men moving on.
  8. I don't think anyone is scared of JB picking, some are scared of what he might do o. The trade and FA front.
  9. Man reading this thread is depressing. We ain't going anywhere for the next 10 years.
  10. Oh well. Good luck to him finding a team willing to give him a NMC.