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  1. Sign him if only as incentive for Tryamkin to come back. He might be more willing with two Russian buddies to hang out with without the need to deal with the language barrier.
  2. Should have somehow drafted Suzuki. We would have a line made right there.
  3. There is always TD and truthfully I prefer 2018 picks more than 2017. This also allow JB to be more patient with OJ which is a good thing.
  4. Make the jersey special? I agree though. Maybe JB should have trolled Vegas by having a Glass jersey made and intentionally showed it to Vegas. Then after the trade immediately rip off Glass name as its is put on by Velcro and show it to Vegas' face with Pettersson's name on it.
  5. Someone was holding the jersey and from my recollection was doing so the whole time. The only part when it may have been left on the table is when they are grabbing the hat. That is when the jersey was closest to Vegas. Even then, remember their table was separated by the main walkway which is pretty wide. I can understand if the Avs saw it but if Vegas did see it, that guy must have some pretty impressive vision. From my viewing angle. The jersey was wrapped up pretty tight with the name folded in. Only the crest can be seen from the outside as it was held by clamping the two sides of the folded jersey.
  6. I call BS, JB was on the phone for half a minuet right after the clock started. Our jersey was taken out from underneath the table on the side with the AVS. VG may have saw a little glimpse of it as they are getting the hat out due to NHL doing the stupid hat gimmick (Canucks didn't have a hat out right then and this is me purely fantasizing that they expected Petersson to be at the back doing the hat thing before a staff came over and informed the nucks otherwise). Point being, JB never picked up the phone after the jersey was out. I was staring at our table the whole time.
  7. So you telling me JB can control the lotto balls? God we should run him out of town now!!!!!
  8. Not necessarily. There is a thing called group think where everyone in the group just goes with whoever talks the loudest or have the most authority. In this case on CDC, a few posters were very vocal with their support of Vilardi/Glass thus causing most poster who did not look too into the prospects to go along with whoever gets mentioned the most which in this case was Glass. Your assumption is based on everyone doing their homework before anything and are not timid to speak their mind which is not the case most of the time.
  9. As I said yesterday, petersson was getting bromance hugs from everyone at the Nucks draft table after the selection. That include aqualini.
  10. Really anywhere except for LA, NY, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and all the franchise in the surrounding area. I for one cannot stand the traffic.
  11. That actually explains a lot of things then.
  12. TBH our kid was the most restless out of the bunch. Keep seeing him running around and fidgeting at the draft floor and table.
  13. Man a lot od fins are getting picked up.
  14. Wow
  15. I can say chicago fans were not pleased with the trade.