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  1. If the Republicans have any backbone, we know they don't as they are effectively lead by the turtle, they would freaking use the 25th amendment already. There is no clearer evidence that Trump lost his mind than this.
  2. I ain't talking about the institution. What I am referring to is the act of violence by diehard Trump supporters hence the 'mini'. Ofcourse we ain't going to see a full scale civil war at least not very likely.
  3. With all these apparent talk about a coup you just know Trump ain't going away quietly should he lose the election. We might be on the precipice of a mini civil war in US.
  4. You and mine opinion on this clearly differs in regard to Trump's actions. I personally saw this all coming with the lock downs, and economic fallout and to me he was not doing nearly enough to prepare in February and was questioning his lack of actions by then. Of course I am with my biases and how I would act with the information I have in Feb. will be different from how you or Trump would act with the information so fair enough. Though his downplaying of the virus though April partly caused it to spread more. If more seriousness was emphasized like how Taiwan did, the fallout might have been less. That said Democrats are just as guilty in this with their per-occupation with the primaries and non-nonchalant attitude. They had house and should have gotten relief bills passed earlier instead of it being held up until lock-down was under way. And yes, Trump was faaar from the only one who was poor in their response, but Trump was also one of the few leaders that actually did not see a bump in approval rating during the worst of the pandemic and that speaks volume to public perception of his response. Let's just agree to disagree on our perception of Trump's response.
  5. Kind of hard to have a really strong response when the league is overwhelmingly white.
  6. For once Trump is telling the truth. No bigger self-diss than this.
  7. Where the heck did you even get that 2B figure from? That is complete non-sense. China has donated an additional $50 million dollar to the WHO since covid. One was back in March in the value of $20 million, and the other is $30 million after Trump cut off US funding. Compared to the $893 million US give to the WHO, the total amount of Chinese contribution ($86 mill + $50 mill =136 million) dwarfs in comparison. Furthermore, China's voluntary funding to the WHO is minuscule with most of its funding pre Covid coming from their annual due. Why would any head of any organization risks $893 million to bend head over backwards for the additional $20 million. If WHO is gonna be biased towards anyone it is going to be the US. Is the WHO incompetent, sure. Is there some coziness with Xi, perhaps. But it is definitely not even close to the Chinese takeover that is being pumped from Trumpworld until Trump disarmed himself. Sources: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/china-pledges-additional-30-million-funding-for-world-health-organization/2020/04/23/24f9b680-8539-11ea-81a3-9690c9881111_story.html https://www.axios.com/us-gives-more-money-who-china-does-dbf670e3-6855-41b4-b976-8edaf40f7b97.html Trump's response to the pandemic is what is incompetent. Of course Trump is not to blame for the virus itself, but his behavior prior and during the pandemic is text book mismanagement. He had two month between China officially reporting the virus to the WHO and it breaking out in the US. What did he do during those two month? Instead of stocking up PPE for medical workers, getting widespread testing setup, put together a coherent plan in how to deal with the virus and economic fallout, he instead freaking praised China for its response to the virus, downsized the CDC, and pretty much acted as if the virus was contained and will never reach American shores. What did he do after Covid broke out? Unilaterally disarmed from the WHO that now actually give Beijing an opening to takeover the WHO, ran away from virus by leaving everything to the states, muzzled the CDC as seen by watering down its guidelines for re-opening, freaking said injecting bleach and disinfectants is a cure, stroked protest to end stay at home orders which resulted in mass gathering that is counter productive to everything that was done, popularized a false Covid drug that is actually more dangerous if someone had Covid, etc... If that isn't incompetence than I do not know what your definition of incompetence is. It sure is not mine definition or that of the dictionary.
  8. Don't know man, Ryan Biech may be even a better Prospect Whisperer.
  9. Agree, we are in a no lose situation either way. FYI, the odds of wining a lottery pick to the play-in losers are the same if that pick is available post the first round lottery. So good news for us as that will actually improve our odds.
  10. So let me get this straight @Junkyard Dog. The WHO, pre Covid anyways, is somehow in the pocket to a national government who does not even crack the top 10 in its donor list and decided that they would rather go against the wishes of its biggest donor by a large margin. Face it, pulling funding from WHO by Trump is pure stupidity and attempt to deflect from his own incompetence.
  11. Reminds me of the 2011 riots. Cleaning up isn't sexy to the media as people smashing things.
  12. You can't blame JB if what he said is true. No GM in the league would give up control in the 1st and 2nd round. If Judd wants full control even in the first round, he would have to become the GM and I doubt any team is desperate enough to give him that position. Maybe Buffalo in a year might.
  13. Only in Vancouver would this separation require a media release. Well Judd now have some real high expectations to live up to.