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  1. TBH, Ottawa was barely hanging there the whole game. I knew Pitts would pull through. They had all the grade A chances and it was just a matter of time before one goes in.
  2. Without Fisher and Johanssen, Preds are gonna need all the luck they can get.
  3. Who would have thought Yannick Weber is going to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  4. Time to see Kesler cry again. :D
  5. TBH, sounds about right.
  6. The new adidas jerseys is your change. No need to go over and beyond on that. Just remove Vancouver and be done with it.
  7. I swear we will have better chance of winning the cup next three years than drafting 1OA.
  8. LOL, knowing our luck, we will have a better chance winning the CUP next season than drafting him.
  9. Well I wasn't gonna give you a negative but since you ask so kindly.... There you go.
  10. Just have the same thing but make the winning team move up 5 spots, the second one winning it move up 3 spots and the last one move up 1 spot.
  11. No matter how good his drafting is. He can't draft a 2C guy and turn it into a 1C stud.
  12. Let's pray to our luckiest start (I doubt we even have one) that all of our prospect reach their potential and then some. (Looking at you Bo, this franchise need you to be a true #1C). This rebuild is going to make the Oiler's rebuild look like child-play.
  13. There will be back lash when two team moved so significantly up and no team in the bottom five is drafting top three. The system is shown to be broken now. No it wasn't rigged, but the system need fixing. Last lottery went perfectly for the NHL with the bottom team securing the top pick, a bottom five securing a top 3 and a off the board team getting a top 3. This time around, it blew up in their face.
  14. LOL, Who bets the lottery is gonna be changed again next year. Teams won't put up with this $&!# for too long.