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  1. It turned out great for us. Not sure if we will be better off with Makar and Hughes with no 1C.
  2. Hey look, Dallas is back to their old no scoring ways. Might not be a sweep as I predicted by I say Flames in 5.
  3. Now if only Myers is ok. Losing him is gonna hurt us big time the rest of the series.
  4. I am a huge proponent of using tech to do most of the reffing. Offside would be easy as well as high sticking goals.
  5. No the problem is getting outplayed hard 5v5 for 2 games straight. It is not gonna hold for 4 wins. We already lost Myers.
  6. Think the Blues complained to the ref about that after game 1 and they are afraid to call them now.
  7. Ladies and gentleman we lost the series. It is not going to hold up getting outplayed so badly 5v5 for the rest of the series.
  8. In my defense, I said it was stupid for the refs to call softies on both sides.