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  1. I just wish that new cost effective method to change CO2 to methanol be ready soon or else the planet won't survive the next four years.
  2. eh, cut me some slack. I did say debatable.
  3. I doubt it. Attacking someone as a socialist is not as effective as before. Especially when nordic and European countries are more socialist these days and they are doing fine is not great (debatable).
  4. Trump winning. The dems must regret their decision to not nomiante Sanders.
  5. Who cares. Trump is winning. We will all be gone by Playoffs anyways. It was a good run and I wish you the best of luck in the post Apocalypse world should you survive.
  6. Finally Loui has earned his six mil.
  7. Time to undo the leafs three years of rebuild.
  8. Time for a bloodbath. The NHL has only itself to blame when leafs pretty boy (Mathew and col.) are banged up like there is no tomorrow.
  9. The pundits are so wrong with us getting 65 points. We will be lucky to get 30.
  10. No One. Literally no one. Let JB ride this out. He knows what he is doing as far as rebuilding through the draft is concerned. That said, I think we will have a new coach by the end of this roadtrip.
  11. What a steal for the Senators! Condon is clearly playing like he is worth a first rounder.
  12. Guess their is no room for non-flashy players like Olli. I wouldn't have him on any list either. Barely noticed the guy during preseason or any of the prospect game which is not a bad thing for a extremely young d-man. As this is for fantasy hockey than not really surprised by the snubbing of Boesser as he is in college.
  13. I won't be too worried. When push come to shove, it will probably just cost us a second or third round pick.