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  1. [Report] Blackhawks to host the 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    Hmm, if I'm still stuck in this hell forsaken place called Illinois, I might head up to see us select 30th (or 32nd if expansion happens) overall.
  2. [PGT] Calgary 4 Vancouver 1 Feb 6, 2016

    So what number will Mathews wear? Guess I  should get a new jersey.
  3. Report: NHL locks up Gary Bettman through 2021-22

    Oh god No!!!
  4. A new coach

    Where is Elvis when you need him. This could have gone to one of the other coaching thread.
  5. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    Pheww, lost to sloppy changes. Why are we so bad at doing line changes?
  6. To be fair, Biebs deserved the hate after all the crap he pulled.
  7. WD is out of his depth

    Don't kick someone when they are down. He was an associate coach in Dallas under Gulutzan.  Actually this explains a lot considering our poor pp and pk.
  8. WD is out of his depth

    At this point when it comes to Weber, I blame JB more than WD. JB's fault for not waiving the guy so that option is off the table.
  9. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    Damn it. Cya in 12 hours I guess.
  10. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    Yeah it is self-inflicted. Inflected by choosing to read this thread that is.
  11. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    This Kassian love fest headed by PhillipBlunt is nauseating. Move on, he ain't coming back. Wish Big Kass the best of luck in the future and in the nhl but it won't be with us.
  12. Not like McCann has done anything either lately.
  13. Cause he is not doing anything out there in terms of production.
  14. What can you do when your 2C and 3C aren't even legal to buy booze in the US.