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  1. We draft Dhalen. That is it.
  2. Clears
  3. It's preseason. They are not gonna ask for individual goal song for all camp attendee.
  4. Why don't we just convert him to a winger. He is perfectly suited for the job.
  5. Send him down to Utica right now!
  6. Oh my god are the vegas broadcast horrendous. Getting everyone's name wrong. I swore their commentator kept calling Bachman Demko.
  7. I'll go with Vegas. No baggage what so ever.
  8. I agree hence the as low as possible part and not last.
  9. For our future sake, I wish we finish as low as possible.
  10. Wake me up when this role is given to an independent organization.
  11. Virt. Its do or die time. (Well to prove his draft position anyways)
  12. Cause you do not trade a FA you just signed during the summer. That is a sure fire way to have future FA avoid the team.
  13. Cremation and then have my ashes turned into diamonds. Could be nice heirloom if my descendants all have their ashes deposited as diamond on top of the initial one from my ashes.