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  1. Capitals waive Patrik Berglund see ya bud!!!!!
  2. Don Corleone.... Trust me at the top it isn't lonely.....
  3. Not even 1 single point from pastrnak or dzingel....brutal....
  4. Purple Haze select Ivan Provorov via Discord @Blue Jay 22 up until 12PM PST
  5. Submarines select Connor McDavid @Kurisu
  6. Enjoy retirement Mark Fayne! Thank you for your contributions to our cup win. Also thanks to Matt, Christian and Daniel for your time here.
  7. We will NOT match and take the 3rd. Washington assigns Eric McConnell to minors/juniors.
  8. @MikeyBoy44 @Mikeyboy440 @mikeyboy @Free-Unit @Mickey let's do this!!