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  1. Looking to make deals all picks and non playoff playoff players are available Currently sitting at 5 injuries and a suspension yayyy
  2. Really starting to feel the absence of Couture and Korpisalo. Both were playing great before injury. We are still confident in our team!
  3. Edmundson didn't accept his qualifying offer I sent him an offer of 3M. If that makes a difference...
  4. Listening to offers for Chabot or Hronek. Looking to trade for a defenseman with term. Other plays could be in play as well.
  5. Hockeydb has him listed at 6'... Yeah maybe on skates. He's closer to 5'10
  6. Child labour in the lithium mines for batteries currently power all apple phones.
  7. 45 is truly an impressive score I think that's gotta be up there for highest score yet
  8. Don't upload them just link them
  9. $3 for 10mg in cookie form is quite reasonable, if your target consumers are light to medicinal-only users.