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  1. Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs

    Will they provide a list on Friday? Or do we have to wait until each player scores to determine what their goal song is?
  2. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    I hope McCann gets credit for that assist in burrows goal!
  3. Update on NHL Expansion

    Awesome thanks for that! How would the NHL Entry draft work then? Would Las Vegas and Quebec get the 1st and 2nd overall picks?
  4. Adidas to start making NHL jerseys in 2017-18 season

    The deal actually starts 2017-2018 Season.
  5. Proposal:Van=DRW

    Colorado gets H. Sedin, D. Sedin 50% retained Vancouver gets Nathan Mackinnon
  6. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    Friday night there was an event hosted by mike Babcock, called "the nural health project" put on by one voice. It is a fundraiser for raising awareness for mental health. Michael landsberg, Kaitlin Hrudy and Clara Hughes were the guest speakers and they did an amazing job. It was an emotional night and it was amazing how much support there was between everyone. There were lots of celebrities at this event, Mike Babcock, Michael landsberg, Clara Hughes, Ryan Getzlaf, Eric Gryba, Brayden Schenn, Robin Regher, Kelly Hrudy, Kevin Martin, Jennifer jones, Scott Moir and Tessa virtue, and Kelly Chase. It was amazing how all of these people compete and hate each other on the ice, and can just burry the hatchet and become one and raise awareness for an excellent cause. I met all of these people and they are the most genuine down to earth people and I respect each and every one of them. I also thank them for all their time and effort because this really touches home, as my girlfriend suffers from anxiety and depression, and had a great 15 min convo with Michael landsberg. He took time out of his day to give some words of advice for her and help her become stronger and learn that there is nothing wrong with having depression and anxiety. It's a sickness, and needs the proper attention and awareness to make a difference.
  7. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    I want Carlo or Roy at 23. Whichever is available.
  8. Draft and Off-Season (Proposal)

    I think the Miller trade is a little lopsided. I think Miller + Jensen = SJ 1st (9th overall) is fair
  9. Benning on the TSN 1040 (May 29)

    I think we definitely need to keep Markstrom. Would Miller for SJ 1st be fair? We may need to add a prospect. Could be another goalie trade for 9th overall again! Draft Zach Werenski or Matt Barzal.
  10. If we could land Erhoff, i would consider our D lines like this. Edler Erhoff Sbisa Tanev Hamhuis Bieksa I think Tanev could really help out Sbisa. Help him develop into the D man he was supposed to be or the D man that JB sees him as. Then Hamhuis can help Bieksa find his game for one more year. Just keep the lines solid all around, rather than a third pairing of Sbisa Bieksa
  11. "Two days after saying he hopes the Toronto Maple Leafs are "in the mix," Nashville Predators defenseman Cody Franson is hopeful another Canadian club comes calling when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. The 27-year-old spoke to Vancouver's News 1130 Sports Radio on Monday where he discussed the possibility of becoming a member of the Vancouver Canucks. "It would be a very intriguing spot, three years with the Giants, Vancouver is a very interesting place to play," Franson said. "Playing in my home province, parents watching would be a great honor, the Canucks in the mix would be fun." Franson played three years of junior for the Vancouver Giants of the WHL and grew up in Sicamous, British Columbia so a deal with the Canucks would be a homecoming for the blue-liner. Wherever he does go, Franson is just hopeful that he will be put into a position to get adequate playing time, something he saw considerably less of after he was moved to Nashville. "I want to play in roles that make me earn the money we are going to be asking for, the power-play role is huge for me," Franson said. Franson had seven goals and 36 points in 78 games during the regular season." What do you guys think? Is Franson worth signing? I personally think it wouldn't hurt.
  12. Should Rangers Start Talbot for game 4?

    They should start talbot so Tampa can win
  13. Canucks dream team

    Aaron Rome!!!
  14. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    So how is it we end up picking 23? Don't the flames jump us since they beat us? Shouldn't We be picking 15-20?
  15. Open Practice tomorrow (April 13)?

    Awesome, now who would you take out to put kassian in? I think kennis would but I would rather Higgins Come out