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  1. (Rant) Vrbata For Sale: 1 Draft Pick O.B.O

    The emotional response is to trade vrbata for whatever as some of u have suggested. Eg. Vrbata for a 3rd (barf) The rational response is to try ur best to maximize is worth before the td. So play the heck outta him. Put him on the 1st line every game from now on.  Keep him on the 1st pp and play him 20 mins a night why? Not because he deserves it. His effort lately sucks but I'm thinking about my favs teams future. Get Vrbata's value at a max ( at least try too. If he craps the bed than maybe we get a 2nd or whatever but if he catches fire than we can maybe get a late 1st chances are that we don't make the playoffs so play the hell outta him. Asset management. Hopefully it works but for goodness sake try.  Im hoping the same thing for hamhuis but that injury was horrific so let's just hope he comes back and plays with confidence and we can get another good prospect for him or a high draft pick if this all happens than this year's draft will be exciting and a day all us die hard fans to potentially rejoice
  2. Short term pain for long term gain (Discussion)

    You're totally bang on! The thing is...linden and Benning have been told by owners to make the playoffs no matter what. Right now with Colorado,Minny and Dallas not playing well, it looks like we will make the playoffs. Obviously it would be nice to make the playoffs but chances are, will be facing one of the top dogs in the west, and be out in the first round. Will get a middle of the pack pick, and may get a gem (hopefully). My hope is that somehow Benning can either make an unreal trade or somehow convinces one of our older players that have a NTC to wave. Otherwise, we have to just suck it up and be patient. I personally would like to jumpstart the rebuild. I'd like to accumulate as many high draft pics as possible. I'm willing to have a couple losing seasons, if need be, to become a very good team with more than a reasonable chance to win the Stanley cup. The problem is that ownership is all about making the playoffs now. Gillis left Benning in a tough spot too with some of the contracts and having given away so many draft pics over the last few yrs. Benning did fantastic(or so it seems) at the draft last yr, and although garrison is a decent defenseman, he did great clearing some $ and term with that trade. Benning has his work cut out for him.
  3. Draft #6

    At 6th pick- Nylander This guy could end up being the best pick in the draft. His composure, patience, vision and skill with the puck are unbelievable. He's got 1st line future player written all over him. This is the type of player the Nucks need. He's not only good but he's entertaining. With proper coaching and maturity this kid will be awesome. Hopefully we can trade Kesler or edler and pick up another top 12 pick either this year or next. There's a lot of good players in this draft. I think this draft is very underrated
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't mind Booth?

    Well put!
  5. Stanley Cup Predictions

    San Jose over Boston in final
  6. (Proposal) van Pit and Det

    The first trade would have me jumping up and down for hours but unfortunately I don't see pit giving that much. You can't just throw in a guy like Hansen and expect 2 back to back 1st rounders and a couple decent prospects. That second trade made me laugh so hard man...thanks for that! Sheahan and jurco are gems in the making
  7. Just a quick look at 'who's left' from 2011

    Our losses that series were ugly but we outplayed the bruins in games 1 and 2 and the 1st period of game 3. We should have scored a goal or two in the first 15 minutes of that period and then Rome destroyed Horton late in the period. The Bruins took over from there. Lu won us game 5. Gillis' decisions moving forward has destroyed us since
  8. I couldn't agree more. These guys don't want to play for torts! Their effort is beyond useless. Most of these players are not having fun. We still have tons of talent but the players aren't happy. It's hard to play all out hockey for a guy that u don't think his style works for you. I've watched the nucks for over 30 yrs, and even when our team wasn't very good, we always played with heart(when messier came to town and linden was stripped of the C was another time that we seemed to not play with heart as well) MG is the other problem. Terrible vision and decision making for the most part. U can tell that Kes and the twins are sick and tired of not getting any help. The whole Lu garbage. This organization is becoming a joke, and u can tell it's deflating the players So many other reasons too but man as a true Nucks fan; this is hard to watch
  9. I would jump up for joy for either or both of those trades! I'd. Miss Kes especially but wow would we look good in a couple yrs
  10. Torts = Best Canucks Coach Ever

    Positive but very silly! Way too early
  11. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    Remember that I never proposed booth for Erat. All I've done is point out that booth isn't worth Erat. Honestly, that doesn't say much about Erat's worth either considering how bad booth has looked for yrs now. I don't want either of them. I want the cap space. I want a big trade. I want to trade players, like you do, that have worth, so we get a great package back. This team is stagnant, and in desperate need of a change. I also never said it was impossible to move guys with ntc's. in fact, most of my earliest proposals involved guys with ntc's and ppl kept bringing that point up rather than discussing the value and needs of both teams; with me assuming that the hockey knowledge on these forums was higher than most. Obviously ntc's can be worked out. It's happened before, so it can happen again but I bring it up so that guys responding don't say " but what about the NTC" etc etc. Gillis needs to figure this out now while these players have decent value, for this yr and on because the process isn't working as well as he thinks
  12. Does Burrows get a Free Pass?

    The one thing you always get from Burr...his efforts! I notice him on the ice all he time; he's just snake bitten. If everyone else put in the same effort game in and game out, we'd be 10 pts higher in the standings
  13. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    I'm not saying we would have to give something special for Erat, but what I am saying is that Booth with that contract, his lack of production for several yrs, and his injury concerns is essentially a non starter from wash perspective. If we added an ok prospect and a 3rd then perhaps they'd do it but trying to get someone who's played well for his whole career except a quarter of this one, while being on a new team, doesn't = Booth. There's no doubt that Erat's value is at an all-time low but Booth is much much worse
  14. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    I agree that Erat's value has come down but booth has zero value at that cap hit. If booth made 2.2 than it would be worth it. Other GM's have an advantage right now because of Erat's performance this yr and that he requested a trade but in saying that how the duck does Booth have any value right now. You think GM mikey has any advantage dangling that guy at that cap hit for this yr and next. If we're going to dangle the dazzling Booth than we'd have to give them an ok player as well; especial considering Erat's cap comes down to 2.5 next yr and booths stays at 4.2. Just being realistic
  15. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    I think I explained myself quite well! Booth has no trade value period! If Erat had been struggling in his last year in Nashville as well, I may tend to agree with you. Some guys get traded and they just don't fit for whatever reason; family reasons, personnel reasons; hate the head coach etc. you don't write off a guy like Erat you played in a defensive first system for yrs, and put up decent pts, all because of his minimal time playing 3rd line mins in Washington; especially comparing it to a guy like Booth, who's game has been declining for years and has had one injury after another. If you were their GM would you take Booth back or look for a better option? Exactly