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  1. NHL 15 Thread

    is there a demo for last gen?> (ps3, xbox360)
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    different video: least songs may be decent this year
  3. NHL 15 Thread

    the graphic's look good, but the start screen looks like fifa
  4. NHL 15 Thread

  5. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    What happened to Mark
  6. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    Hope somebody starts the Fire Gillis chant
  7. Gillis should ask for Crosby if Shero wants Kesler
  8. [Heritage Classic] Ottawa @ Vancouver | 03/02/14 |

    Are they chanting we want Luongo?
  9. This will shut Shero up and he probably will not talk to Gillis ever again about Kesler
  10. i would counter by Kesler Gaunce, Schroder for Crosby to piss Shero off
  11. Also Gillis should target the players that he would want from the teams that are interested. If they say no then they do not get Kesler.
  12. i am not trolling. We could keep him or help our future by trading him.