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  1. I knew a guy named Warren Peace.
  2. It seems to me that on a power play you are playing against a zone defense, similar to basketball. When coaching basketball, I used to run a lot of cutters into the empty spaces and had players and the ball moving. I know hockey is different, but I agree with the above comments on more movement, less predictable, and shots from different places.
  3. "Tanks" for the memories....
  4. The 1000 different combinations can be done with only 14 balls, where 4 are picked. The formula is 14C4 on your calculators which results in 1001 different combinations. Drop down 4 of the 14 balls and register the result such as: 8, 2, 7, 11. Of these 1001 combos, 201 could be assigned to the Last Place team, giving them 20% chance of getting first pick. The rest of the chances of first pick can then be assigned other combinations. Easy!