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  1. After graduating from Cornell, Nye worked as an engineer for the Boeing Corporation and Sundstrand Data Control near Seattle. At Boeing, he invented a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube used on Boeing 747 airplanes.
  2. One of the great movements in civilization was going from hunter gatherer to farming, domesticating grains and animals. In fishing, it seems to me that we still are in the hunter gatherer mentality. I am for changing all commercial fishing to farms, ON LAND, not in the water. The science is there to do it. Then the hunter gatherers could be the sports fishing. It would boom, and our tourism industry would increase.
  3. Do fish suffer pain? Have you ever heard the scream of the carrot after it is ripped out of the ground? That beautiful smell of freshly mowed grass is the pheromone put out by the lawn to signal that it is under attack? I guess everything might be off limits.
  4. Donald Trump has a new book out as well. It's called, "The Art of the Feel". I, of course, am referring to his statements such as, "I have a gut feeling that this Chinese Flu will just disappear"......
  5. I've always thought Santa Claus was sort of neat. Nothing to be afraid of.
  6. But does it make the playoffs?
  7. A waist is a good thing to mind, while a mind is not a good thing to waste!
  8. Periodically I turn on Fox News to see what they think about things. The Ingraham Angle was on, as she was ridiculing Dr. Fausci saying how he has been wrong on everything and their doctors really know what's going on. "Let my people be Free!". Their take on Black Lives Matter, and face masks and so on is so disturbing. Excuse me, I need a drink....
  9. I have a friend, who says wearing a mask is a democratic thing to force you against your will...etc.. Whenever I try to convince him otherwise, he just throws back at me that he wants to see the peer reviews. I'm busy, so I tell him that I follow the experts such as Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has done the work. He poo-poos her as being in the lap of the big pharma or something. Very frustrating, but there is no convincing. Oh, he also says that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked.
  10. Quote from above: "Vancouver Coastal Health is warning anyone who visited Brandi's Exotic Show Lounge on Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver on the evenings of June 21, 22, 23 and 24 that they may have been exposed to the coronavirus" Question: I was on the stage, do I still have to worry?
  11. I know this is off topic, but since we are on page 961, I had to tell you why 961 is one of my favourite numbers. It follows a pattern where the first and last digits are perfect squares (of 3 and 1), and the middle digit is equal to twice the product of the square roots, (2x3x1=6). Whenever that happens the original number, 961, is a perfect square and its square root is the 3 and the 1. So square root of 961 = 31. Other numbers having the same pattern are 121, 1681, 441, 144, 169, etc.
  12. Met a young man the other day (about 30), who insisted that wearing a mask is bad because it means you breath in your own breath and it doesn't get out. So if you had symptoms, I guess, that would make it worse for you, the mask wearer. So it is better to breathe mask free and let others breath in what you breathed out. Hmmm, funny logic.
  13. Sign seen at our swimming pool.
  14. Does that include the guy who was travelling by car to Hawaii. "But sir, they have interstate highways there!"