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  1. this guy is a dud
  2. I am. For the first time
  3. amazing players on the ice and incredible people off the ice
  4. Can u recommend a good sub that is inexpensive
  5. Ok i found these 2 speakers and this one They are pretty cheap. which one is better? So Also in order to listen to music and radio do i connect the speakers to the receiver or pc?
  6. Thanks for these videos. But what about a good inxpensive receiver?
  7. My budget is for both receiver and speakers, Up to 1000 but less is no problem
  8. Hi there, I need help. I already asked this question on a pc forum but i didnt get any replies. Can u guys recommend me a good receiver that is not expensive and good speakers for pc use. My old receiver broke down 2 days ago. And i cant listen to Music, I listen to a lot mp3s sets files so im looking for good receiver and speakers. I looked on but there is lots receiver and speakers. Im having hard time picking one. My budget for this is 1000 CAD. Can u please help me with this. Thank you.
  9. the thing with Markstrom is that he doesn't get rattled after letting in a bad goal. Hes composed and his mental makeup is strong
  10. NHL ready. You can see he is tracking the puck very good. Hes squared to the puck and absorbs the puck. Also his laterall movement seems to be improving as well. If Markstrom keeps playing the way he has so far he could be forcing lot of pressure on Miller. Do you think Miller is in trouble because of Markstrom becoming a strong option for number 1 goaltender?
  11. Are you completely retarded? Not one of those goals have been Luis fault. Troll. You can't come around here often cause usually we're too busy winning.