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  1. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 02, 2018

    Yo, I think Im really late to this already. But I just wanna say...TAKE MY MONEY, IM BUYING #40 JERSEY LIVE.
  2. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 02, 2018

    Missing that hattrick for the perfect ending. But WHAT A GAME. EP IS GOD
  3. [Discussion] Buy low on Pulijujarvi

    Jake didnt like your idea, and he decided to score 2 goals tonight.
  4. OMG I saw Pettersson was shaking his hand after he blocked that shot.
  5. Pouliot WTF. Wake up. Fcking gave me a heart attack. Marky great save
  6. [GDT] Canucks @ Coyotes

    Apparently EP, Boeser, Edler, Sven all out tonight. Tanev is questionable. Brent Sutter and Tim Horvat will make their season debut.
  7. [GDT] Canucks @ Coyotes

    So, with all the injuries we have, I guess Tim Horvat and Brent Sutter will make their season debut respectively? Hopefully they both get their first point too. Go Canucks Go
  8. [PGT] Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 20, 2018

    And he turned it over last game against the Oilers too. Hahaha SO DAMN HAPPY
  9. Beware 2 Rulebooks

    I totally agree with what you are saying. But I think thats why we are not the players and that we the fans have the different perspective. Im sure the players cant have the same mentality as we do, "this season we're gonna lose anyways". It will be quite fcked up to be on a team and all the players think we won't make the playoff this year, and its ONLY 5 games into the season.
  10. Well now we know... It is OPEN SEASON...

    Okay guys, I know we are all upset about what happened. But none of us know the truth or the things behind. Maybe Pettersson as a team player told the team just try to get the win. We will play again against Florida, who knows what happen next time. And maybe Pettersson will just be back Tuesday. CALM YOUR TITS CDC!!!
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    its a loss for us. If Ryan Miller was here, I think he would've skate across the rink and fight Matheson just like when Martin wanted to go after Stecher
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning | Oct. 11, 2018

    Meanwhile. the jets are down 3-0 against the preds. Im sure Laine has been playing fortnite every single night.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning | Oct. 11, 2018

    Damn, the Canucks are scoring more 3 goals every game, it will be a great season if we can keep it up. Goalie just has to make key saves =D
  14. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    YES BOESER. RELIEF THE PRESSURE. Get the scoring going