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  1. Slow "Wisers" clap to you!
  2. I honestly don't think we do any worse with Lack. I'd rather use that 6 million Miller makes on improving the defence. I'm not blaming Miller as our defence was brutal, but he has not gotten it done in the playoffs the past few years. 2010 and his best days are behind him. I don't think it matters going forward if Lack or Miller is in net. I like Eddie, he is younger and cheaper. Go with him and move Miller if possible and use that money elsewhere.
  3. For the pleasure of just "making" the playoffs and getting ousted in six games, the TEAM just said we now get the 23 pick in the draft. Not sure if that was right but I hope the Aquilinis are happy with the 3 game gate and a late round pick instead of maybe a top pick in this years draft and a kick start of a true rebuild
  4. I have been a fan for 40 years. Doesn't make me anymore special than anyone else, but as a long time fan, the thought of being "happy" to make the playoffs this season sickens me! I have seen teams in Carolina(Hartford), Anaheim(expansion), Colorado(Quebec), Dallas(Minnesota) etc win cups in my lifetime. Just making the playoffs is NOT good enough. Is that our goal or is it to win the cup? It's time to be honest and look hard. This team is done. The Sedins are done. They will never win a cup unless they are support players on another team or if they hang around long enough to be 3rd/4th line guys like a Jagr on a Canuck team that has gone though a complete rebuild. We have traded picks just to get by. We now need to move our older guys, NTC or not for picks and young players to add to a new group of "core" players. As was pointed out so well on this board, we got the Sedins in 1999 cause we were awful. Unfortunately, that may have to happen again