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  1. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    wow.. we are getting younger DOH!!
  2. Was Sven Baertschi worth losing Oliver Kylington?

    What does Baertschi bring that Mason Raymond and/or Jordan Schroeder wouldn't have provided? Baertschi is too soft and will not be a playoff difference maker, He will just disappear just as Raymond and Schroeder did in the playoffs. When will we start to build a team to win play off games?

    Alexandre Grenier, Cal O'Reilly and Bobby Sanguinetti also had an awesome season and post season for Utica but no one is handing them a roster spot.
  4. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jacob Markstrom

    So Markstrom is now paid more than Cam Talbot but we couldn't trade Markstrom for a bag of pucks. Why would anyone be impressed with this signing?
  5. Question for discussion... Who is the Canucks third string Goalie now? Joacim Eriksson has left for the KHL. Joe Cannata played in the ECHL last year and can't be seriously considered to be NHL ready. Joe should spend the next year in the AHL with the Comets. So It appears we have no depth in our goaltending position now with Lack and Eriksson both gone. Are we going to be shopping for a 3rd string goalie or even a backup in free agency starting July 1st? Has the back up job just been given to Markstrom with no training camp competition at all? God forbid but If Miller gets injured who will replace him? I think we all agree Markstrom is not ready yet to be the full time starting goalie, maybe in a year or two. If Miller gets hurt will we have to make a trade for a starting goalie? Worst yet...what would it cost us?. Will it cost us more than a 3rd round pick for a NHL caliber starting goalie. Really think Management has dropped the ball on this one...this is shaping up to be a real mess.
  6. Gillis strategy for the deadline,draft and FA season

    I don't get the fascination with how a 3rd line shutdown centre is going to make this team better? We already have players doing that. We lose too many games not because we gave up too many goals but because we can't score. I also don't see how doing nothing and waiting till the off season accomplishes anything. We already know who the UFAs are going to be now. Who are we targeting? Who's the front runners that we want? I don’t see all that much. The Draft isn't going to help us any time soon... we get one pick in the top 30 players. Kassian was drafted in 2009 and just now is starting to show some really exciting play. Everyone says don't rush the prospects, don't be like Edmonton and rush them... So what is the plan then? Rush Horvat into the 3rd line shutdown role next year at 19 years old...Why? I can’t see how waiting till next year will actually bring us any different results. We need to make a HUGE move for a top 6 Sniper who can play along the Sedins… which will have a Huge trickledown effect.. making every line stronger. Packaging Edler with Horvat and Booth… or you can substitute your choice of players to trade…. This will free up Cap space and would return a Potential top 3 player and for certain a top 6. Waiting will only make this team regress to the point will be in the same spot as Calgary a short time ago. Did you see the empty seats last night… against a Premium Team like Chicago. That’s was unheard of a couple years ago…. And it’s not a good sign.
  7. Name That Goalie!

    My guess is Don Edwards