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  1. Looks like a ripoff of the Central Florida Golden Knights
  2. Have to disagree. Canucks are looking good in Goal and Defense. Benning has said he wants to pick up a proven 20 goal scorer…. Next to impossible to do though. BUT…. If you can trade for the young unproven sniper type of player that can play with the Sedins… Benning has been scouting the draft for years… I’m sure he can find or already knows about some young player on another team that he believes could work with the Sedins… some player buried on the depth chart… Target a player like that and make the trade… the cost won’t be that much as the player is unproven… sure it’s a gamble… but why not??? Then you can move Eriksson down in the lineup to get your 20 added goals. Boom.. Playoffs?
  3. (Discussion) What type of player should be targeted to play with the Sedins? Vrbata and Erickson have not worked. You’ve all watched the Sedins for a long time. In your opinion what player is best suited to play with the Sedins and who should the Canucks target in a trade to get said type of player. I don’t believe the Sedins need a 6 million dollar type of player to play on their line and be effective… I think a young cheap hardworking sniper type player would be best. Like a young Burrows type, the Sedins made him a superstar and I believe history can repeat itself… Can’t Benning scout this type of player on another teams roster and trade for him. Any suggestions for who the Canucks could trade for to play with the Sedins?
  4. wow.. we are getting younger DOH!!
  5. What does Baertschi bring that Mason Raymond and/or Jordan Schroeder wouldn't have provided? Baertschi is too soft and will not be a playoff difference maker, He will just disappear just as Raymond and Schroeder did in the playoffs. When will we start to build a team to win play off games?
  6. Alexandre Grenier, Cal O'Reilly and Bobby Sanguinetti also had an awesome season and post season for Utica but no one is handing them a roster spot.
  7. So Markstrom is now paid more than Cam Talbot but we couldn't trade Markstrom for a bag of pucks. Why would anyone be impressed with this signing?
  8. Question for discussion... Who is the Canucks third string Goalie now? Joacim Eriksson has left for the KHL. Joe Cannata played in the ECHL last year and can't be seriously considered to be NHL ready. Joe should spend the next year in the AHL with the Comets. So It appears we have no depth in our goaltending position now with Lack and Eriksson both gone. Are we going to be shopping for a 3rd string goalie or even a backup in free agency starting July 1st? Has the back up job just been given to Markstrom with no training camp competition at all? God forbid but If Miller gets injured who will replace him? I think we all agree Markstrom is not ready yet to be the full time starting goalie, maybe in a year or two. If Miller gets hurt will we have to make a trade for a starting goalie? Worst yet...what would it cost us?. Will it cost us more than a 3rd round pick for a NHL caliber starting goalie. Really think Management has dropped the ball on this one...this is shaping up to be a real mess.
  9. It's just one article.. but temper your enthusiasm... B0 is just a solid prospect at this point. No one knows if he will live up to the Hype. Bo Horvat is a player with quite a bit of momentum going into the draft. His team won the OHL championship, and he raised his level of play in the playoffs in order to help them out, increasing his goals per game from 0.49 during the regular season to 0.76 during the playoffs. Even though his overall statistical performance isn't jaw-dropping, that offensive improvement during the playoffs, and a solid all-around game has him moving up many lists. Corey Pronman is one scout who has Horvat ranked higher than the consensus at 14th, and has this to say about the player: Horvat is one of the most complete forwards in this draft. He is tough, hard working, and defensively skilled, with enough offensive ability to project as a scoring line player.... His creativity progressed throughout this season, and his puck skills, hand-eye coordination, and playmaking vision all rank as above average; he can flash high-end offensive skill. And there's more praise where that came from if you read the whole thing. But as I said above, his statistical performance isn't all that impressive. Is it so bad that it's a deal-breaker in the first half of the first round? Let's take a look a look at Horvat's comparables to try to find out. In this case a comparable player was someone who played his draft year in the CHL, had an adjusted goals per game rate between 0.51 and 0.63, an adjustedpoints per game rate between 0.88 and 1.08 (90% to 110% of Horvat's production), and was selected somewhere between 14th and 24th overall. It's not exactly a murderer's row. In the chart below, I've listed each player's number of regular season games and his career points per game. A couple of solid long-time NHL players and a couple of draft busts. If we widen the scope, do things look better? In this case, we'll say a comparable player was someone who played his draft year in the CHL, had an adjusted goals per game rate between 0.49 and 0.66, an adjusted points per game rate between 0.83 and 1.13 (85% to 115% of Horvat's production), and was selected somewhere between 9th and 29th overall. As with most of these wider looks, there's a player or two who catches your eye (Cam Neely), but in this particular case, there's also a whole lot of warning signals. I've again listed each player's number of regular season games and his career points per game in the chart below to give a sense of what I'm talking about. Frankly, even with the presence of Neely, this is more discouraging than the smaller list of close comparables. Just two players clock in above half a point per game in the NHL, and one of those (Grabner) just barely squeaks over the line. Players with this statistical profile in the CHL just don't generally work out as offensive players once they get to the NHL. Now, the scouting reports all suggest a player who has good skating and is solid defensively, so Horvat may have better odds than the above lists might suggest of making it to the NHL at all, but I'd peg his odds of becoming an impact offensive player as very low.
  10. I don't think we are with the team as is. We need to be the like the Kings two years ago and make a BOLD a Horvat and a Edler or a Tanev and then. YES... DAMN RIGHTS... we could be in the Stanley Cup finals. It's a false hope to think that three in a row of Vancouver Canucks draft picks are going to turn out. Look at our draft history. Be realistic the draft is a crap shoot.
  11. A throw away season... ridiculous!!.... They will be no closer to a Cup in three years under your plan... when Horvat is maybe contributing at an NHL level. Don't you get that... this team standing pat is going to die and is a disservice to the Core of this team. You'd be better off cheering for a team like Edmonton or Florida...they got all the prospects you would have loved 2, 3 and 4 years ago.... You'd never trade a prospect because.... WHY exactly??? yeah you would never have traded for Jeff Carter.... you just don't get how to win a Stanley Cup but I get it... you don't actually care if you win the Stanley Cup. All you care about is keeping your 'prospects' for the future. A hopeless future for you my friend.
  12. All you talk about is Junior players and their potential... hey... I like the NHL watching Canucks Playoffs Hockey... that's what it is all about. Not making any changes means... just the same thing year after year. So I guess that's how you like it. Don't try and actually improve just stay in the middle of the pack is good enough for you. Well then this must be quite a satisfying season for you. Why even care about the future prospects when your level of success is set so low. The prospects you mention are just that prospects and can only dream of having a career like Andrew Ladd... you have no respect for such an accomplishment. I don't make Andrew Ladd sound like anything... his accomplishments speak for themselves.
  13. So you don't see any difference between 6'2" and 6'... so what the difference between 5'9 and 6ft. OH...there goes that argument. Seriously.. you are going to quote Junior numbers as some authority on future NHL performance... geez... come on.... Only if it was that simple... you too could draft for the Canucks. Andrew Ladd by the way is 6ft 3in.... and 2 Stanley Cups. You saw what Horvat did at the World Juniors against the toughest competition... ZERO points in 5 think it gets easier in the NHL. He is three years away. I just don't wanna wait... sorry .