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  1. Salmon Arm Silverbacks Yesterday at 12:00 PM · NEWS: Alumnus Chase Priskie has signed an NHL contract with theCarolina Hurricanes! Details--> BCHL alum to boot. Wish him well.
  2. Facial expression analysis or it didn't happen lol
  3. CDC and HF Boards rip into Benning for including sink...
  4. He certainly is at a crossroad - he could choose to go Friedman/McKenzie or he could choose full blown Tropic Thunder TO/Van media. I hope he chooses the former. As for Benn, I'm not opposed seeing as it sounds like we are losing Schenn.
  5. What's russian for "Bull"?
  6. This just made my day - smiling in the coffee line-up
  7. 40 is looking better and better. Probably should take a D but there'll be some decent high-upside forwards as well. Moynihan and Beecher come to mind. Edit: spelling
  8. C'mon - kids wait for this moment all their life and some asshat messes up their name....Get your poop in a group.
  9. Ready to welcome a few new 'Nucks this weekend. I have confidence the scouts have done their jobs - here's hoping the hockey gods smile upon us. Keep it positive - these are kids we hope will develop into fine young men (who also happen to be really good at hockey). Saying this as a dad and billet. Go Canucks Go!
  10. I'd be taking Turcotte or Dach before Cozens should they be available
  11. I think the poster was referring more to later rounds - Beecher or some of the "depth" defencemen on US dev could be gems.
  12. Welp, those tickets went fast. I hate Ticketmaster... Anyone know if the release more tix at some point?
  13. Take your man and don't worry about it, imo. If it's the right pick, it's the right pick - why chance him not being there later and having to settle? Edit: even with muliple choices, take the best of the bunch
  14. Anyone wants to see Seider - Germany playing GB atm. He just scored and has looked very poised in what has turned out to be a very tight game so far.