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  1. Top 10 All Around Defenseman in the League Currently?

    Glad people are giving Hedman the respect he deserves. I would add Pietrangelo, McDonaugh, Hedman, Giordano, OEL. Honorable Mention: Subban and Karlsson. (Both need to improve defensive games before cracking my list).
  2. Luongo's ticking time bomb

    And people called Gillis the best GM in history...
  3. [Article] Vancouver Canucks Scouting vs. Simple Statistics

    We don't have that now (goalies)... Thanks Gillis.
  4. LOL Gillis? Worse GM of all time. Those saying he drafted Horvat, what a gem. We gave up Schneider for it... Then the idiot kept and traded a disgruntled second elite goalie for a 3rd liner and AHL goalie. WHY DID WE NOT RESIGN HIM??? Please no Mcphee... He is another idiot and arguably the only one worse than Gillis. No wait, Garth Snow is the worse. I should give Gillis some credit, he did not mess up the team instantly like Nonis did, Gillis did his work over the last 3 years.
  5. ($5,000 Fine) - Lucic

    Milan Lucic is paying the price for his actions in Game 1 of the Boston Bruins' first-round series against the Detroit Red Wings. The Bruins forward has been fined $5,000 by the National Hockey League for spearing Red Wings defenceman Danny DeKeyser in the groin. The incident occurred near the end of the second period of Game 1 while the game was still scoreless. No penalty was assessed on the play. The Red Wings won Game 1 by a 1-0 score. Game 2 is scheduled for Sunday in Boston and can be seen live on TSN at 3pm et/Noon pt. Classic NHL turning a blind eye to the Bruins... Below is the video of the slash
  6. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    Gillis is an awful GM. Feaster sucks to. I want Paul Fenton to be given an interview (preds assistant GM). He does all the scouting which is a HUGE problem on this team
  7. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    ooo another delusional gillis fan. news flash. he is the worse gm in our history. he dismantled this team.see treatment of Luongo and our return for 2 elite goalies to answer your next question
  8. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    Gillis: "We're going to get back to the style of play that made us successful 6 years ago."
  9. Kassian RFA year

    30 goals? stay off the boards and do your job Gillis
  10. He already is the worse GM in Canucks history...
  11. The Canucks Best Draft in 2000's

    of course. good thing we have a mathematician here to tell us 1999 came after 2000. Thanks!
  12. (Rumour) torts almost removed updated botch

    Torts is a victim of way to much hate. Look at the team. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Higgins-Kesler-Kassian Booth-Matthias-Hansen Sesito-Richardson-Weise/Archibald/Lain Hamhuis-Bieksa Garrison-Edler Stanton-Tanev Lack Markstrom Goalies - Gillis destroyed the great tandem. Not torts fault. Not lacks. Yes we had Luongo, but we have an average team Defense - I really like how Stanton has played. Good pick up, excellent training by Torts. Am I the only person here who thinks Tanev has looked really good to? The top 4 is where there are problems. Hamhuis has been okay, but not what we need from our #1. Bieksa has been less than okay. Garrison unnoticeable. Edler... just no. AWFUL this season. Offense - we have 3 top 6 guys. Burrows is really pushing it for 4. Higgins I can't classify as a 2nd liner. What is Torts supposed to do? He has a team that I said from day 1 would not make playoffs. We feasted on the Northwest, now nothing. I hope we draft Nick Ritchie (goal scoring PWF). Watch what Torts will turn him and Jensen into. Then nobody will complain. If I had to grade Torts, I would give him a C+ (the Luongo bench and flames incident keep him out of the B range. + adequate record)