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  1. He got sent to Utica last nite
  2. sorry tipped in by oreilly
  3. In the Utica observer Green said I thought he played well we didn't take him out because he wasn't playing well. ???
  4. Trick question it will be Jensen but for another team
  5. He was leading the team in goals 1st months then got called up and rewarded with 3rd and 4th line when he came back
  6. sitting tonite I would get out of this organization as fast as possible
  7. anyone know how he made out in the fight ?
  8. 1st star tonite maybe a start
  9. If I was Jensen's agent I would be begging Benning to include him in the Kassian trade they have both been fed lies by this regime
  10. Jensen is hurt now wont make trip to hamilton
  11. Jensen called up to canucks today
  12. ok Jensen scores again