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  1. Redo 2004 NHL Draft top 10

    My Redo 1. Washington- Alexander Ovechkin (Drafted 1st) 2. Pittsburgh- Evgeni Malkin (Drafted 2nd) 3. Chicago- Mike Green (Cam Barker)(Mike Green drafted 29th) 4. Carolina- David Krejci (Andrew Ladd) (David Krejci drafted 63rd) 5. Phoenix- Blake Wheeler (Drafted 5th) 6. New York Rangers- Travis Zajaz (Al Monoya)( Travis Zajac Drafted 20th) 7. Florida- Cory Schneider (Rostislav Olesz) (Cory Schneider drafted 26th) 8. Columbus- Andrew Ladd (Alexandre Picard) (Andrew Ladd drafted 4th) 9. Anaheim- Devan Dubnyk (Ladislav Smid) (Devan Dubnyk drafted 14th) 10. Atlanta- Mark Streit- (Boris Valabik) (Mark Streit drafted 262nd) Canucks Draft Johan Franzen
  2. people say hodgson sucks at the defence side of the game: well he is only -1.....when kassian is -7..

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      ^Amen to that.

      Can we move on with our lives already?

    3. nuckin_futz


      Could you imagine the whining if CDC was around for the Neely trade?

    4. Baka


      Kesler is a career +41 and Henrik Sedin is a career +198. By this logic Henrik is the superior defensive player.

  3. If doan hit schneider..all of you guys would be screaming for 5-10 games.....so 2 doesnt sound bad at all.

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    2. Newsflash


      Yeah, because Vancouver fans aren't used to seeing their goalies get run or anything.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The Nash explanation was a complete farce. Kopecky had just released his shot and Nash continued straight into his back ? Shanny is a joke !

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Lots of support for Edler on the other forums though. lol So many fans hate Mike Smith :P

  4. with lu in net i say 4-3 for canucks in SO henrik with the winner