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  1. You mean Hamhuis? Arguably our most experienced and reliable defencemen. The gold medalist at Sochi right ? Bann yourself
  2. Godfather- greatest movie of all time.
  3. Because it is only down for next gen.
  4. Boyhood- almost every Caucasian males childhood in a 3 hour movie.
  5. You can trade it in for something else but the value will not be the same as it's original.
  6. Haha I remmeber watching that, now it's nick pedan in nhl 15 right ? Are they related or something ?
  7. Do you play on ps4 ?
  8. I think so too, there has to be a reason he fled from the church. Either to mess up and bring a load of zombies back with him or to meet Morgan.
  9. You clearly didn't comment on either of those things in your post and pretty much made a general statement. Her movies have been just as decent as her acting.
  10. I don't think you know what you're talking about, she's a decent actor.
  11. Morgan either shows up on the mid season finale or the season finale. This episode was pretty average IMO the ending was predictable and the scene where the the cop comes and saves them for a brief minute looked sped up and pretty fake.
  12. 55-11-1 HUT currently in division 1 willing to hut wager anyone, I play on ps4
  13. We should ask you to predict the future more often, all our questions would be answered. Horvats first game and people are already on his ....
  14. Glen doesn't need to die
  15. Anyone who would pay $70 to play a nhl game without eashl is out of their mind. Waited an extra year for the same game.