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  1. I bet they won't make another cartoon again
  2. Went from freedom of speech to speechless ...
  3. As for the porn star lol her family probably already disowned her just as any family with morals would do if their daughter resorted to porn.
  4. "Bush" would have been better imo
  5. Islam is not the only one for sure but NO other religion has been attacked as Islam has especially in the last few years. I rememeber the first time cartoons were published, Muslims around the world protested and boycotted a lot of European/western stuff. No one was brutally murdered, now if you do the same thing again and again something like this is more LIKELY to happen. The cartoonists made their point about "free speech" the first few times they made it.
  6. I get what you're trying to say, but I put islam in a different bracket then other religions solely because of the high number of extremists linked to that religion. You really can't mess with a religion that will have a FEW impostors who are willing to die and take as many with them to "defend" Islam.
  7. But resisting sharia law does is not the same as publicly attacking a religion with so many sensitive people who will essentially give their life for the cause.
  8. A girl is more likely to get raped with a short dress, just like people are more likely to get killed over constant shots at a religion like Islam. What did they really gain by stooping so low as to making cartoons of someone held to the highest regard in Islam. This was obviously not the first time they did this, they need better things to do with their time then to stand up for "free speech" and ultimately get 12 innocent people killed.
  9. Yes, 99% of Muslims will see this and will eventually just protest. But that overly sensitive (rightfully so) will act and do something very stupid like this. But if you poke the bear long enough I'm sure there will be a consequence and this time it involved ak-47's.
  10. Where has that happened in the 21st century ? Maybe a few isolated cases here and there but not something you see every day.
  11. When you constantly play with fire like those people did this was more then bound to happen.
  12. Hahahahaa... Hahahahah.... Got em good
  13. Yupp some fans are just pathetic
  14. Lack dive