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  1. - Bo -Hunter -Brock Recent trends show that the Canucks prefer players with manly man names to help with intimidating the opposition. Part of Bennings strategy perhaps?
  2. Bo Horvat next season

    While we're at it, does anyone know what the ceiling for Dane Fox is at the NHL level? He had a huge jump in production in the OHL and was the overage player of the year. He was almost A GOAL A GAME OVER A FULL SEASON!! Could it be possible for him to bring over that goal scoring ability to the Canucks one day? Possibly even play on our top two lines in a couple seasons ?
  3. Bo Horvat next season

    I would say Bo instead of our other top prospects because he seems the most NHL ready of them all. Shinkaruck had an injury filled season, he definitely needs another year of junior to get his groove. Meanwhile, it would be a shock to see Virtanen suit up for us from the start of the season. Ditto for McCann. Jensen is the only other top prospect we have besides Horvat that can come up and make a difference. Gaunce isn't ready either.
  4. Bo Horvat next season

    Was listening to the Team 1040 , and an interview with Bo Horvat was on. Kid seems very polite and mature for his age. They asked him if there was anything more for him to learn in junior and he humbly said that there is always something new to learn and improve on. It's pretty clear he wants to be up with the big club though (obviously) There was a discussion on what would be best for him next season. JB has a plan to run all four lines, so even on the forth line Bo could average 10-15 minutes a game. It's not like with Torts where he would be sitting on the bench with cobwebs on his equipment. He seemed kind of sad about the change in of management. But that's understandable, he is after all Gillis' guy having been drafted by him. Im sure Gillis would've loved to give this guy every opportunity to succeed in order to make the Cory trade look respectable to the fans that hate him for it. I agree with what one person said on the Team with regards to Bo; give him a every chance to make the team. Wait till a few games, if he's REALLY out of place, send him back. Otherwise, keep him and let him go through the painful rookie learning process. By December, loan him to the Canadian Junior Team. Then make a decision whether to send him to junior for half a year or keep him with the Canucks. I feel this would be an adequate way to go about it next season with Bo. Patience is key. Expecting big things from this kid eventually, but not necessarily next season.
  5. What was most difficult about last season?

    When I knew we weren't going to make the playoffs, which was around the time of the Islanders loss I think, then I was hoping we would lose in order to get a higher draft pick. Cheering against the team near the end of the season was also pretty difficult.
  6. Only the true fans remain

    Shocking how many people jumped off the bandwagon after we lost to the Kings in 5 games during the first round of the 2012 playoffs. Of course, we happened to be coming off a cup final appearance and back to back presidents trophies. A decline was somewhat expected. But I didn't figure it would be to this extent. Yes many people have either switched allegiances or tuned out the team & hockey altogether. We are actually not even in that bad of a state talent and roster wise. I mean, look at those Alberta teams. If we didn't have an imbecile for a GM making bad trade after bad trade and trading away our future, perhaps we could even still be elite. Oh how different the atmosphere and excitement around this team would be then. Very fun to be a part of. Unfortunate how many only show their enthusiasm & pride when we are a powerhouse though. I would not want to miss any part of our current young players develop and once again lead our rise to the top. It's not all bad though. The cheaper tickets mean more games real fans can get too instead of the business faced suits sitting front row. Let's hope next season has a few more people jumping on the bandwagon. Cheers!
  7. For me, it had to be knowing we would not score more than two goals most games. Also, when we went down by a goal or two it felt like the game was basically over. It was boring Torts style hockey. The Heritage Classic fiasco was an event which dissapointed me as, being a Lu fan, I thought he deserved the start. Edler was one player in specific who I found difficult to watch. It pissed me off watching Burr get unlucky.. he should have had a lot more goals if he had some puck luck. Posts and shots that went wide and all. When Torts went in to the Calgary dressing room like a madman, it kind of went downhill from there. Could name many other things as well but I'll spare you. Ultimately, it was a very rough season. Here's hoping to a much better one starting in October
  8. During his time here he was much maligned & many of his moves questioned. But this last season should have made us realize the value of great coaching. A good team without a good coach simply does not go too far in a season. Say what you want about AV, but the guy had some amazing seasons as head coach here and only missed the playoffs once. Two presidents trophys, Stanley Cup Final, and a Jack Adams award as Canucks head coach. Cannot say I always agreed with the guy but now I realize how big a difference he was. Last season was such boring hockey to watch. Brutal. Atleast for a time under AV's tenure, we were the highest scoring team in the league. Great sense of humor, great ability to adapt coaching strategy (was a defensive coach at first but as team got more offensive talent, adapted to that style) and a guy who knew how to pile up the wins. Say what you want about the guy but nobodies perfect. His Aaron Rome fascination and how he treated Hodgson raised some eyebrows. But let's face it, Hodgson was a diva. Here's to AV. Great Canucks coach, second only to Pat Quinn in my opinion.
  9. Anyone notice how Josh Gorges from the Canadiens refused to go to the Leafs & instead chose to go to Buffalo? Even though they are years away from being a contender. The reason for this was that he just could not envision himself in a Leafs uniform. Such was his loyalty to the Canadiens. After many hard fought battles, it was something he could not get his head around. He was a heart and soul guy like Kes. The difference is, Kes was more than willing to go to Chicago had we been able to trade him there. This after all the history and rivalry he was a part of with us against them. Kind of shows you his loyalty was to winning, not the team.
  10. Was John Totorella a blessing in disguise?

    Without John Tortorella, the moves we are making would not have happened and the direction we are going would be completely different. We have a nice influx of prospects & young players .. these areas are now in the best shape in years.
  11. Why Gillis is actually a genius

    Gillis had no respect from the other GM's in the league. Whether this had to do with the fact that they didn't respect him for being an agent prior to a GM or whether it was just due to his arrogant nature is a question we will perhaps never know the answer too.
  12. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    Apperently Moores parents wanted to sue for almost two million because they had "a shock to the nervous system" watching that unfold on tv. What a joke! There's people who have witnessed others suffer much worse than a broken neck but you don't hear about them trying to sue. As for Steve, he would've been out of the league in a year or two anyways.
  13. Why Gillis is actually a genius

    I think Torts was all on Aqualini. Gillis most likely wanted the LA assistant coach. But yeah he was an idiot for handing out all those NTC's. Basically put the players in charge instead of himself
  14. Why Gillis is actually a genius

    Gillis sure does sweat a lot
  15. We are a long shot to make the playoffs

    Basically, A LOT of things have to go in our favor for us just to squeak in. I remember the good old years when us in the playoffs was a given ..