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  1. Hey do we keep our 1st round pick if the playoffs are cancelled?
  2. THANK YOU! Its almost like people dont watch hockey and come on here and take a dump on players they know nothing about. Boggles the mind. Myers is awesome, flawed but awesome.
  3. OP can you re-upload im just getting a black screen. IM thinking tho its either the comet they said was supposed to airburst near earth. Or Elon Musks new satellites he launched recently.
  4. I thought it was Dean Koontz that wrote that... someone is f__king with people.
  5. Its the precautionary actions we take NOW that prevent things from getting insane LATER. Imagine the bitching and moaning if we did nothing and the numbers were exponentially higher.
  6. Ya no kidding people need to be thinking in terms of MONTHS not weeks. This will not blow over that fast.
  7. Its mind blowing how this whole thing is being handled. On one hand you have experts saying that the virus doubles every 4 days, then you have China saying that the numbers are leveling out only 100 new cases. You have Italy's numbers doubling but somehow in China the deaths and the number of new cases are leveling out. If we look at China then this is all just a fart in the wind and nothing to worry about. But if you look at Italy we should be very worried.
  8. People talking about "Oh if you dont like seeing the Canucks lose stop watching." Im like "If you dont like what people write in post game forums after a loss STAY. OUT. THE. FORUM." The same logic applies, if you know after a loss CDC PGT is going to be a venomus pit of spitting vipers then stay the hell out. Seriously!
  9. Oh jesus people that complain about complaining are the worst. Nothing that is said on the boards are so egregious so as to warrant shutting down the boards or extra policing. Its. Just. Venting. I get it brother but relax.
  10. He literally could not possibly play here even if he wanted two because: A: He is under contract in the KHL and JB has said he will honor all KHL contracts. B: It would be in violation of NHL rules.
  11. I get what TG was saying about how its like this in the playoffs and you need to stay positive and bounce back when things dont go your way. But I also think that if you just stat quo everything and your luke warm and never have a reaction to any loss then I start to question wether or not your actually holding ANYONE accountable for the sake of staying positive. If he never looks at any of the games with a serious critical eye then I start to question his effectiveness as head coach.