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  1. Well he scored a goal on his own net his first shift? He threw TG under the bus publicly. His lackluster performance not withstanding he then blocks the trade that would of landed us Jesse Puljujarvi.... Idk id say he really needs to have a huge season because at this point it is ALL on him to bounce back. It seems like Puljujarvi wants a trade badly out of Edmonton or hes going to play the next season in Europe. Maybe we can sign him as a UFA after next season.
  2. Only time can tell the value of some of the draft picks we have made with JB at the helm. So ask again in 2-3 years when we should definitely be a deep playoff team. When/if they get Tryamkin on this team and do not foolishly trade his rights for something that gives us an advantage today. This year will really be telling wont it because JB really stuck his neck out and took some chances on some big contracts. The results of the Eriksson and Gudbranson contracts being what they are but then you consider Pearson... If Miller and Myers work out then they are looking good in the FA area again which they had been lacking in prior years. This year will tell me at least if this team has finally broken through to the next level of taking a serious look at getting into the playoffs and winning a few rounds.
  3. Cant get my head around the level of bias for Toronto and this is absolute proof. They would have the reader believe that Toronto completely fleeced the other team in all the transactions. When really all they did was loose some offence for defense. So biased its un believable.
  4. If the Canucks become conteders again all the profit numbers boost way way up whilst the costs remain the same give or take. The prices for tickets would be higher by probably 50%. Not forgetting that merchandising would see huge increases as well.
  5. Thank you! He has a great release aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddd thats all folks!
  6. Its really not about Luongo at all its the straight up absurdity of the whole contract status. Like why buying out the rest of his contract isnt an option is beyond me. A player not currently in the NHL should not count against a teams cap. It makes the NHL look like a total clown show because of how absurd it is. Paying 3 mill a year for a player not even playing in the NHL is so stupid its funny. Only in the NHL.
  7. Disagree with Sutter Beagle and Hutton, maybe your right about Pearson you need to think about the intangibles with him.
  8. I wonder if a deal for Jamie Benn is in the works and possibly done because of Myers signing. Was listening to a Jordie Benn interview and he said Myers and Jamie are good friends. I wonder if part of Jamie coming was signing Jordie as well which would not be a bad thing because Jordie is a great player.
  9. Hutton is a stud hes not going to be top pairing for sure but i thought he was a shining star on our crappy defense last season. We cannot let this guy walk. Love this kid. Idk what it is on CDC but people get a hate on for players for no reason. Hutton is just the latest victim. Id give him 3-3.5 milly not 5 though thats a laugh
  10. Honestly Eriksson has one hell of a mind for hockey if he were to stay I would not mind one bit. Dont understand the anti Sutter talk either, i love the guys compete level every single night. I want to see Lievo and Granlund and the like gone not those big character guys.
  11. ppl so quick to give up on Juolevi, and Virtanin when those two players value if they reach their potential would far out value what Benn would bring in the short term. Dallas asking for Horvat as the starting price LOL! Good one!
  12. Why stop there why not get crawford back to coach too?
  13. Man hes going to love Seattle am i right?