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  1. So its ok for STL to cross check Hughes to the back nowhere near the puck, but god forbid Beagle come to the aid of Sutter and throw a hit. 4 fycking mins for a hit? WTF? Absolute shyt show.
  2. HORVAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best goals I have EVER seen as a fan. WOW!!!! Filthy...
  3. Hey OP could you please send me 499$ You owe me for a new monitor I spit hot coffee all over my monitor when I read Podkolzin's name there. I got some paper towel, wiped down my monitor, made myself a new cup of hot coffee, took a drink the spit it all over the monitor again when I read Hoglander's name.
  4. Dead on my friend. Glad we won but bigger picture thinking has me worried as well at times it looked like the Harlem Globetrotters(STL) vs. The Mighty Ducks(the cast of the movie not the actual team), kidding kind of? Edit: Marky absofrackinglutely won that, in that by keeping the game tight allowed us to have the confidence to make the plays that we did.
  5. Great win we need to clean up a few areas and bring the physicality next game. I hate to be a bit of a party pooper but I dont think we should have won that. The amount of grade A chances we allowed St. Louis were astounding.
  6. Ok so were not hitting anymore? SL is just allowed to hack and chop and check and we do nothing? Time for Myers to take some penalties, I KNEW the whining and bytching about the penalties would cause our team toughness to crawl inside its shell of safety. FFS we need to stop letting teams dictate the physical play.
  7. Its because of this crab bucket mentality that Tanev didnt win the Unsung Hero award. Hes not flashy but playing sound D isnt flashy. Tanev makes 4.5 for a reason he has his flaws but the upside to him is crazy. He has quietly become an untradable asset. You mention the time off he had and yet pay no mention to the REASONS he was off he takes hits to make defensive plays which to the untrained eye seems careless at points but I would argue its passion to just try and make that play.
  8. Im sure nobody will feel that way if we lose 4 games straight vs. Dallas. But I get ya.
  9. LOL so funny! ahhahahahahahh gawd I love winning man thats the good stuff!!!
  10. hehehehe Edmonton has to leave the bubble....... IN edmonton heheehehehe
  11. "Its about time the team put YOU on their back" Travis Green Too true man too true.