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  1. Team identity and team PR slogan ‘Battle’ in question

    Seriously to the people that think we shyt the bed not fighting or whatever after EP40 got hit quick question, did you even watch bro? Like if you had of been watching the game seriously now NO ONE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED. Even the replay wasn't crystal clear, yes it was a hard check but up until the point where he body slams EP it was clean. It also looks way worse than it probably was anyone in contact sports has had worse, so the kid does need to suck it up buttercup a bit eh? If you had of been watching the game you would also know that Travis Green is 100% correct in that we had to win. Not for the ******* 2 points but for the respect factor. Imagine you babies crying if we had lost AND EP went down. What is un acceptable to me is the vitriol at which the media outside van got almost rabid with ******* delight that our "weak" European player went down. Like ******* wild heyena's at feeding time. We respond to these fools by wining and that's what green did.
  2. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    Its not just them listen to these azz hats almost half laughingly report? (Idk if they are real jounalists) They gave about the suspension and the injury, CLEARLY no bias, CLEARLY leaf fans, CLEARLY laughing at the fanbase. Sportsnet again I guess its ok to have this kind of policy.
  3. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    I would not trade Guddy for Nylander, hes going to get much better at what he does and we need that so badly. Even if we had Tryamkin back and playing I would still say this. Hes a piece you can build around. Not denying btw what Nylander would bring. I just recognize the potential of Gudbranson and Tryamkin. You ADD to those 2 guys the scoring you never trade 2 dman that are that dominating physically and have some degree of skill. Im sorry those 2 for me with Pettersson are un tradable in my eyes.
  4. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    Halfway through the first period and we aren't down 2 goals? Whaaaaaattt? Crazy talk!
  5. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    I agree but the 94run was the first time my team in my life went all the way. Watched every game on TV. I would say I like the 2011 team overall better like as a team. The 94 game 7 was waaayyyyy better, it felt like we were in it the whole time. 2011 game 7 was different. I will say the game 7 vs the blackhawks were burrows scores was the best hockey game I have ever watched.
  6. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames 7:00 PM PT

    Wow some softies let in by Marky, time to sit him I think.
  7. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames 7:00 PM PT

    Markstrom has to stop overplaying pucks hes borderline panicy
  8. them and Tryamkin I absolutely have no stomach for tanking 1 more year
  9. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    Great stuff boyz! Well played soo many positives tonight! A full team game vs the Flames and the Refs!
  10. haven't seen a good call from the refs yet that includes the call on Guddy
  11. Don't get me wrong I know Boeser will be fine he just looks bad..... right now. Show me where hes been dangerous in the last 2 games.
  12. Cant wait to hear Travis Green's media scrum: Lots of chances they just aren't going in... Goaltending is fine hes just not making the saves. Hitting the post a lot... If you ask Green we actually have a Stanley Cup team its just stuff isn't happening. TOTALLY no ones fault.
  13. Id see Boeser down before Goldy. Boeser is playing like absolute garbage right now hasn't even been dangerous.
  14. We have played almost a whole hockey game up 1 man and somehow the other team has been more dangerous...
  15. Yeah fyck him for investing his own money into products that actually might mean a future for humanity in the age of global warming. That's a snake oil salesman if ever there was one. SMH....