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  1. Heres my top 5. 1. 1994/2011 Playoffs. -so close and yet so far. 2. The Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident. -When Steve Moore hit Naslund he may as well as shot a bullet through all three of the West Cost Express head. It essentially ended that line. 3. Rick Rypien death. -your watching his whole career and your thinking, never will I see someone like this again, never. You knew with him it was something special. He was 1 in a million. 4. Willie Desjardins press conferences. -Honestly I believe in him, no way we should fire him, but good God if I have to watch this poor man get battered with questions one more time, lol its like watching a mule get whipped down the streets of Kings Landing and people think hes Joffery ;p lol. 5. The whole "the fans aren't cheering loud enough" or "the fans at arena X are sooo much better than the fans at arena Y because of A B or C." -when we go to arena we agree to an exchange, we the lowly customer agree to pay money to go and hopefully watch a good hockey game, and then to watch the team win. If fans aren't cheering it is almost always a reflection of what they see on the ice. Suggesting otherwise is crazy. Any man that runs a business and thinks that customers complaining and subsequently leaving, have nothing to do with his product and is just a reflection of the customers poor attitude, will not be in business very long.
  2. Honestly an entertaining, hard fought game, but an almost meaningless victory because Calgary gets a point.
  3. I think there is two trains of thought when it comes to the Sedins. There are those who cannot separate church and state and therefore put the Sedins above the Canucks. They don't realise they are doing this but when you reason it out with them they still think its the cap free years of yore wherein yes, you do hang on to your best guys, even when they play bad out of respect. This isn't those days, and because fans cannot make that separation they would see this team support them at their salaries, until the Sedins themselves choose to leave. See to some people certain players ARE the team. I thought Kesler and Bieksa and Lui and Malholtra etc, were my vision of what the team was. To me when we traded THOSE guys it was like losing the Sedins to the Sedin fans. People seem to forget that fact, the face of the team is not always going to be the Sedins. It will be something else and I cannot wait for that new identity to emerge, but I do not love the Sedins more than the Canucks sorry. If the right situation were to present itself by way of a trade offer that made the Canucks better and the Sedins were involved I would take that trade any day of the week.
  4. I get you but inconsistency is like a cavity.
  5. Yeah awesome so what comes next 3 losses then 2 wins then 2 loses then 1 win then 4 loses then 5 wins? These team.. I love them but cannot stand to watch them, you have no idea whats going to happen on any given night. Its like the most entertaining thing (seriously) is when someone gets off of IR.
  6. The Canucks are starting to look like the set of M.A.S.H. lol just waiting for hawkeye to tell a joke and lighten the mood.
  7. Yeah that and Luongo was SO bad in Boston they lost respect for him and started to believe in their skill. We had zero answer for their physicality, too injured or too irrelevant to the likes of Lucic and Chara. The Sedins should have never allowed Boston that many liberties. I know AV wanted them to not respond to stuff like that, but come on, their has to be a line every man cannot allow to be crossed physically, after that the whole team looks bad. Team toughness IS a thing.
  8. I was at that game it was amazing, he stole the show.
  9. couldn't agree more I cant wait until hes on the power play
  10. Yeah your right he was even worse then. Look I'm not saying hes not improving, nor am I saying he sucks. He does not have a lot of give aways but he seems to have a knack for coughing it up at the worst time. He does not deserve to be in the second pairing and imho he should be the first benched when gud comes back. A lot of people seem to like him here on CDC and nothing is wrong with that. But people are like really high on him here, like Hillary Clinton supporters high. I digress tho because theres a lot of circle jerking that goes on here, and I mean a lot.
  11. Do people who post in here actually watch hockey?? Sbisa has been great? What?
  12. NHL has gone over the edge into batshyt crazy mode. So your telling me when the whistle has blown one may still.... score and such? HUH? I guess if that's the BS you peddle then getting people to believe that when you use your stick to push a goalies pad back and away from the puck it is in fact NOT interference? Where does one even begin?
  13. I don't care what those guys are doing on their teams, they bring so much to the table that you can overlook certain things about them, they are elite tier D-men. Listen I watch the hockey game their is no bias. What do I gain by carrying a bias against a player that plays on the team I cheer for? It makes no sense. If Sbisa does well we all do well, but Sbisa does not do well.
  14. Is his trade value going up? His price tag is the reason Pedan is not going to see ice probably for the rest of the season. I would way, way rather Pedan have that ice time. Sbisa's price tag is too high for the kind of play we have seen from him, I feel like the people that love Sbisa don't actually even watch the full hockey game. His giveaways are becoming his trademark. Luca Giveaway Sbisa.
  15. Yeah totally this. I mean how much more stripped down do people need things to be before we can all say that the rebuild is well on its way. No idea why anyone would call this a "re-build on the fly" or a "re-tool". What criteria needs to be met before we can say its a rebuild? Theres like a pigeons feed worth of players remaining from the 2011 team, we still aren't settled on a succession plan for the second line. By whos definition is this a retool? Not until we trade the Sedins?