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  1. Where is everyone getting the idea Dumba would be a good pickup hes on the decline and people want to give up good prospects. Hes not in the top 50. Look at his numbers he is clearly in decline
  2. 6-5 Canucks win Sharks with more PIM Pettersson with the last goal
  3. I feel like people are grossly over valuing Dumba, more like Demko for Dumba straight up.
  4. Its hard to feel sorry for someone like this when there are soo soo many people that get turned away with less grounds, heartbreak and tears for people who get denied, and overstays are the worst offenders.
  5. Are you willing to let a coach like Gallant walk? Everyone in Vegas right now are going crazy because of how good this guy was for the team. He hasnt won a cup but neither has Green.
  6. Can anyone point to me a single thing Green adds to the team that demonstrates his coaching style? Willie D we could say that we worked hard for 60 mins. Allan V, who now looking back might have been the best we ever had, you could see line changes that were effective, you could notice a shift in mental toughness after a bad period, the team would play tougher as a whole. With green ive got nothing, he has an eye for the game ive noticed his ability to call the really close challenges ill give him that, but ive seen nothing to suggest an ability to take huge gambles and call a guy out here or there, or just say the whole team stunk. Or even in the game to make effective line changes that make sense have the team fired up after a grinding period. He however is still young and im not saying for sure I want him gone but Gallant is looking quite nice right now.
  7. Coach green knew it was going to be a long and grindy one and he still plays marky. Astounding at how winning a few games in a row hides the fact that he is a terrible coach. Awful. He has presented me with zero evidence his coaching style is changing this team for good or bad. Were going up against this team we barely win against and he has no strategy other than just keep rolling what he has been rolling.
  8. The avs match up pretty good with the players you mentioned OP, however they do not have answers for Tryamkin, and Hoglander. OJ could turn into a Makar type we just need to let him continue to grow. The level at which we have drafted good players will soon surpass the Avs. You also dont factor in Miller.
  9. What structure are you referring to? We have no structure because we keep mixing and matching. This team proved with that loss we are WAY WAYYYY off from being a legit playoff team. Myers is on the ice for like 4-5 of those goals and hes considered to be one of our better Dmen. We have almost zero defensive structure throughout the team because we have a terrible coach and a terrible assistant coach. Teams that are playoff bound do not have to mix lines the way we do. We had an easy month to win some should win games and now that we are actually tested we were exposed for the weak defensive team that we are. Are we fun to watch and scoring some goals yes! But we have literally nothing else going for us; We arent tough. We dont hit anybody. We have sh itty Dmen. We lack a true NHL caliber coach. We lack the ability to change tactics on the fly. Markstrom chokes under pressure. I love were this team is going but last game showed us some issues that have been GLARING issues since the start of the season. A soon as this team faces any sort of adversity in another team that is actually geared towards the playoffs not some middling team, we fold. Not because we lack forwards with character and skill but because that is ALL we have.
  10. Full chokage Marky, makes me worried for the playoffs HUGE game and he chokes.
  11. Boeser for sure for unsung hero he is amazing with the little details we all talk about. Hes feisty and hard on the puck hes like a little badger lol.