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  1. ppl so quick to give up on Juolevi, and Virtanin when those two players value if they reach their potential would far out value what Benn would bring in the short term. Dallas asking for Horvat as the starting price LOL! Good one!
  2. Why stop there why not get crawford back to coach too?
  3. Man hes going to love Seattle am i right?
  4. I hope people watched the Boston Toronto series because there was alot of lessons to be learned from that. We cannot expect to go into the playoffs and not address issues like team toughness and defense. These are glaring issues right now and we might be another 3-5 years getting our younger players the experience and seasoning they need to be true playoff team. We are skilled but we are exceptionally fragile. Anyone who wants to argue with me over our fragility should look to last season and tell me we dont have a fragile team.
  5. Yeah we shouldn't trade our pick unless we can move up. People drastically undervalue a top 10 pick its like its either we get the first pick or we get nothing. That is not the case at all to be able to pick the top 10 best players is huge for us. Then you factor in JB and his ability to draft? We cannot trade that pick down.
  6. I did note that you thought we would get swept but my argument was exposure to more of Ferlands and Marchands or Tkachuk or whoever, with no real response, is not the answer our team toughness just isnt there yet as im sure you would agree. Teams would just expose that and we would lose badly. Winnipeg would steam roll us in the playoffs 4 games and done.
  7. The Ferland Highlights are really something, 1 player causing the mental collapse of a whole hockey team because he threw good hits and got under some skin. 1 player. I swear if i ever watch 1 player dominate this team the way that man did I will never watch another Canucks game as long as I breath air. Absolute domination by one player with absolutely zero effective response because.... we didnt have one.
  8. You really want MORE of this: Orrr maybe we see someone like this guy he did ok against us on Chicago as well if i recall: LOL heres a WHOLE compilation of 1 single player shutting down a 60million dollar hockey team. 1. Single. Player. Let the people who think that theres no place for toughness in todays NHL remember you dont need alot of toughness ^^ theres an example of 1 player that shelved an ENTIRE team. The way Chara/Marchand would IF we faced them, The way Gudbranson would IF we ever faced them. You see an entire team CAN and HAVE been held in check by 1 single player. The good news is we have the likes of Tryamkin that could join us, we have Pearson, we have Virtanen continuing to grow. I know that JB understands the need for toughness im not worried about the future BUT if the playoffs were a reality we would be out in round 1 to a number of teams based on team toughness alone.
  9. Id take a chance on Karlsson even with the injury troubles he is legit that good. Listen for him to even be in a serious conversation for a trade is crazy talk. Ottawa would never have let that guy go if it wasnt for the stuff with his and another players wife that went down. He now could be available and teams will be absolutely clamoring to get him. We need to be one of those teams.
  10. Karlsson on this team? You know how bad we need a guy like him??? I get the feeling that his injuries are bad luck and given a season or two a team could see a new peak from Karlsson. Remeber he has languished in Ottawa for forever and had some stellar years, if we could see that elite player again? You throw in Tryamkin and Hughes with Pettersson continuing to develop? Man could be just what we need. You also note that Karlsson is on the decline, statistically so might he sign for less? I dont think people will PAY Karlsson 12million right now..
  11. I love ballzy posts like this and the research and presentation are impeccable well done ill thumbs up you just for those two. Hard to say wether or not I agree with you. Im actually waiting to see what happens with Tryamkin in general and Pettersson in the playoffs to make my decision. On one hand Jim Benning has been great with the drafting but on the other hand he has traded for players that just dont gel well with the rest of the team or cannot buy into our system. To me it comes down to: A. Tryamkin needs to make the team and be an impact player. B. Pettersson needs to show he can maintain mental discipline in the Playoffs and always be a threat. Needs to show he cannot be shelved because 1 player on the other team is a Byfuglien or a Marchant type. Once his playoff "metal" has been tested we will know what we have but not until then. So really time will tell.