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  1. Its not that the Gagner signing was a bad contract. Its just no one wants to watch Gagner play on a bottom 5 team in the league when he is taking a spot from a younger player... Like Goldobin. Plus he is soft and bad defensively.
  2. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    Same bottom 5 different order add LA SJ and ANA after that because I hate them all too. my top 5 is different tho 1. Vancouver 2. Montreal 3. Winnipeg 4. Ottawa 5. Washington
  3. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    He played fine and looked good out there. Only thing is he didn't look strong. Got knocked off his skates. Hopefully he has been hitting the gym this summer. Definitely deserves a shot on the team. Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen
  4. [Roster]Opening day forward line up

    Eriksson-Horvat-Boeser .... Eriksson will have no choice but to produce.... Fingers crossed Baerstchi-Sutter-Petterson .... Same reason as above but for Sutter Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen ... We need Gaud and Jake to not be afraid to mix it up. How do you do that? Stick them on a line with Roussel Liepsic-Beagle-Gagner ... speed and skill with some grit.
  5. Here's what we got now !

    Id like to see... Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser Dahlen-Gagner-Petterson Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Liepsic-Beagle-Eriksson Edler-Gudbranson Del Zotto-Stecher Hughes-Tanev Vs what I'm going to see Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser Petterson-Sutter-Eriksson Roussel-Gagner-Virtanen Granlund-Beagle-Schaller Edler-Gudbranson Del Zotto-Stecher Hutton-Tanev
  6. Toughness can be replaced. They can go out and sign Reeves or Roussel if they feel the need.
  7. Calgary got better, younger however they are going to have to pay these guys now (Hanifin) and later Lindholm. And they won't come cheap. But overall CAL did an amazing job especially if Lindholm and Hanifin turn out to be what they were drafted for. #1 C and #1D
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    Virtanen never said that...
  9. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Posted that and thought the same. Didn't even give me a minute to edit my dumb post
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I'd ask for Ferland + 1st 2019 + 2020 1st