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  1. Ferland-Pettersson-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Miller Pearson-Sutter-Leivo Roussel-Beagle-Virtanen Edler-Tanev Hughes-Myers Benn-Stecher Marky Demko
  2. Ferland-Pettersson-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Miller Pearson-Sutter-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Leivo (Roussel until he comes back) Edler-Myers Hughes-Tanev Benn-Stecher Marky Demko
  3. My Lineup Ferland-Petey-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Miller Pearson-Sutter-Leivo (Put Pearson on the third line instead of Baertschi because I feel Pearson fits the style that line would play. Not to mention Baertschi if healthy is our 2nd most skilled forward and can produce!!! Has great chemistry with Horvat as well.) Roussel-Beagle-Virtanen Eriksson gone Goldy gone Schaller gone
  4. Petterson 32G 54A 86P Boeser 33 G 36A 69P JT Miller 24G 34A 56P Horvat (C) 31G 40A 71P Pearson 18G 21A 39P Hughes 46P Myers 37P Marky 30W 21L 5OT/SO Games 56 Demko 12W 10L 4OT/SO Games 26 42W-31L-9OT/SO = 93PTS These predictions for FWDS and DMEN are based off them playing a full 82 game schedule or close to it (75+) Opening night Roster (Barring any trades... I will update before hand if so) Miller-Petterson-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Pearson Virtanen-Sutter-Leivo Motte-Beagle-MacEwen 13th FWD Goldy AHL - Gaudette (IMO should be 3C. They should trade Sutter) Eriksson & Schaller in the AHL Roussel for Motte when he comes off IR but plays on 3rd line Virtanen drops to 4th Edler-Stecher Hughes-Myers Benn-Tanev Marky Demko
  5. If Jimbo now could only get rid of Eriksson and Sutter to free up 10 ish million and sign another top 6 forward or make a trade for 1. Cant have 10 million in dead weight and expect results Jimbo
  6. I completely agree. Zegres would have been great but he's soft. If he aint scoring he aint worth having. In the playoffs you need size, speed and skill. Pod is that. We need guys that will do whatever it takes to win. This is Pod.
  7. From Ben Kumza on twitter replying to the Virtanen and 2020 first for Barrie If Avs land Byram with No.4 pick, move makes sense with Makar, Girard on solid back end. One way for Benning to acquire right-shot D without having to overpay in free agency. Preached patience with Virtanen and said it would have to be a “good deal” to move winger. #Canucks
  8. He has 1 year left on his deal at 5.5 million. Then a UFA. From Victoria tho so chances he stays could be favourable.
  9. I'd do this deal only if Bryam isn't taken at 3... Would allow us to have Edler-Barrie Hughes-Stecher Bryam-Schenn (And or someone else Tryamkin?) Now you start to have a defensive core with Woo and Juolevi close. Edit -You add one 50 pt D-man in his prime and another one who is projected as a number 1 in the future. IMO two top pairing dmen for Horvat and 10th ( most likely a 2nd line winger ) is a great deal. Love Horvat but you have to think long term and defense wins championships
  10. It has to be Risto. Benning has said he wants a top 4 d-man. Bogo is not that. Plus I don't see much of a difference between Schenn and Bogo so why would you trade an asset to get him???