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  1. My thoughts on the game Demko - looked nervous at times but when he needed to make a save he did. Especially being down 2-0 . Only going to get more comfortable from here. Excited for him. Roussel - tonight he was the Roussel of old. Dragging the team in the fight and sticking up for Hughes and Gaud. Sutter - soft as hell and needs to sit. Loui is skating hard and grinding out the game. Sutter man alive hate him as much as I did Tim Schaller. MacEwen would be way better. Hughes/Petey - Didn't have great games but thats okay. Didn't hurt us. Mostly unlucky plays
  2. Marky missed practice today might be out for a bit. Or they want goalie depth for Utica. Probably a future considerations trade
  3. Yes they can let him walk. Just like we did with Hutton.
  4. Barrie deal fell apart because of the following per twitter - TOR see's Stecher as 3rd pair dman - Wanted to get longer term asset from VAN incase they can't reach an agreement with Stecher and have to let him walk. TOR gonna lose him anyway so what they have to lose lol
  5. Cant have Sutter in your bottom six tho. Cap hit is too high and he is injury prone. Not to mention really soft. I know we need some PK'ers tho so maybe we can find a cheaper option? With grit
  6. I'm okay with Roussel going next year. Ideally I think our bottom six should look something like this Ferland(Big IF) - Gaudette - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - MacEwen
  7. As long as they move him this summer I'm fine with that. They have to shed cap. Hopefully Baertschi is gone, Eriksson is sent to Utica and retires and Sutter is traded.
  8. Would have liked to see them move some Cap. I know they tried on Baertschi... Maybe CLB circles back with Athanasiou going to the Oilers. Would have liked them to pick up Luke Schenn from TB. Also felt Sutter should have gone.