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  1. My frustration with Virtanen is starting to boil over. He's had no physical side to his game all season. Wont touch anybody, doesn't take the body or hit guys.. Just does a fly by out there. Goes to the point hoping for a 1 timer in the O zone instead of standing in front of the net... You know were you actually score from. I've had enough. Can't have him being your softest player. He's scared out there because he knows he'll get challenged (if he plays physical, which we all know he can be) and he doesn't fight. He's all talk out there. Once Sutter is healthy, scratch Jake for a few.
  2. Ferland missing? Haven't seen him this period. Horvat was just out with Beags and Schaller. Could have been bad line change tho
  3. How do you go from the WASH performance to one like this. Oh man. Green should have called a time out tho. Man alive
  4. Jake looks worse than Eriksson this game. And thats saying something. Him and Loui will both be healthy scratches here soon
  5. It is either that or AHL. They aren't trading Sutter or Beagle and if you do, you clearly don't understand what JB is doing. Thats the realistic spot for AG if he's playing on our team. Go LOL on that!
  6. You think Pearson and Jake play better than Roussel and Ferland? Give your head a shake. Petey's line only plays O zone starts. That's why they are the second line in my post. Based off of ice time 5v5. Hardly a "zero sense post"
  7. Roussel-Horvat-Ferland Miller-Petey-Boeser Leivo/Pearson-Sutter-Virtanen Motte/Schaller-Beagle-Gaudette
  8. Been playing really soft and looks disinterested. Making a lot of errors on the PP too
  9. Would have put Gaudette out in OT instead of Bo. If my memory serves me right Horvats 3on3 stats are horrible
  10. Horvat right now... Other than face-offs not looking good at all.
  11. Gave him credit where its due. But on the PP turned the puck over all game. Doesn't have that extra "gear" (speed) right now. Maybe from playing too much? Calling it like it is.
  12. Always wraps his arms around guys when he goes to check them, like he's giving a hug. Try actually battling for it. Surprised he doesn't get called for holding when doing it.