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  1. Ah this show is great. I only started watching it about 3 or 4 weeks ago but caught myself up pretty quickly. It's going to be a painful wait after the end of this season. Sandor is probably my favorite character left (with Ned and Drogo gone), such a bad ass.
  2. I like Big Nog, but no sympathy here. A BJJ black belt knows when to tap, and he decided not to.
  3. I think it's usually to avoid other peoples germs, not just worrying about spreading their own when they are sick. I also see it quite a bit, especially in richmond where i work.
  4. There's a lot to be happy about with this move. UFC LWs now who are maybe a little undersized now have more options as far as weight classes without sacrificing pay Will also be good for the UFC as far as exciting fights are concerned. Some people have complained recently about boring cards, that is almost never the case in the 145 and 135 divisions. The vast majority of WEC fights were extremely entertaining, smaller guys who just go toe to toe and don't get tired.
  5. Lesnar- Mir rubber match would make sense for me. Winner continues being relevant, loser fights Cheick Kongo for UFC purgatory
  6. good lord, belfort = sami salo
  7. rampage has been fighting, and usually beating, good opponents for damn near 10 years. he can obviously "walk the walk". whether he wins tonight or not, who knows. besides, they've both been talking trash about each other. lets see if rashad can "walk the walk"
  8. Roy Nelson wanted to fight a better HW, looks like he may have gotten one in Dos Santos possibly at 117
  9. WOOF
  10. Well, sounds like no Fitch vs Alves at 115 With that fight seemingly moved to 117, our card looks like it should be a fight night on spike or something like that, especially with all the stacked cards coming up.
  11. Did the Vancouver Canucks sell all the tickets? No. The UFC did. They have a fan club that you have to pay for, so of course they're going to give those people first crack at tickets. This was an advertised presale. I do feel bad for people who really wanted to go, but couldn't get tickets, but at the same time I know a lot of people who realized ahead of time that paying up for the UFC fan club was the best way to get tickets, and had no problem getting them. I'm not a season ticket holder, no, but I don't see how an event that sells out 100% in 30 minutes is a 'fail'.
  12. What on earth does that have to do with the Canucks? The UFC sold all of the tickets through their fan club presale, Hardly something you can pin on the Canucks...
  13. I don't think that fight has been made official by the UFC yet.
  14. Dan Hardy was seen as an equal, if not better striker than GSP, but while much of the fight had GSP on top of Hardy, when they did stand up GSP looked much faster and crisper with his strikes. Georges is just too damn good at pinpointing his opponents weaknesses and timing his takedowns perfectly.
  15. Pretty dissapointed that tumtums made it..but I'm really hoping that Schaub kicks his donkey, and I think he will. If he can get out of Big Babys mount, he should be able to escape the fat. I was a pretty big fan of McSweeny until this last episode, but I still like his style of fighting. Darkness against Mitrione will be interesting, but Marcus seemed like he was done after losing to Schaub, so it's odd that he's fighting again..