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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Highlights can be found here: His first goal was on a goal mouth scramble and his second was a shot from the slot. Lots of goals in this game. Another interesting thing to point out is that Ty Stanton, who scored the tigers fourth goal in this game, is Ryan Stanton's younger brother.
  2. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    Great hire if the rumours are true. Willie has a ton of coaching experience (he has been coaching since 1985 compared to Eakins who started coaching in 2005) and he is an all around great guy from my personal experiences. Plus when Willie was coaching in Medicine Hat the team played a speedy and offensive game. Hopefully he will try and emphasize that in Vancouver.
  3. CDSF: (1) Colorado Avalanche vs (4) Minnesota Wild

  4. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Blues Win!!!!!
  5. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

  6. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Dirty Hit. Should be a suspension in my mind.
  7. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    I'm speechless.
  8. Sochi Olympics 2014! Official "Olympic Discussion" thread.

    How does it make sense that a skate like that, while very good certainly had some flaws that even a casual spectator could point out, equals a world record? Makes no sense to me. Maybe the rumors about figure skating judging corruption are correct?
  9. Sochi Olympics 2014! Official "Olympic Discussion" thread.

    Gold and silver in women's moguls!
  10. [PGT] War: Nucks 3, Flames 2

    Canucks now lead the league in fighting majors. Way to go boys! What a great old fashioned hockey game! Entertainment from start to end.
  11. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    Wow, just terrible. I should have turned off the TV after Kassian's goal, at least l could have gone to bed happy.

    Eat it Boston. This game does not make up for Game 7 but I'm pretty happy regardless. Tortorella ftw with the timeout. That's the kind of timely coaching that this team needs.
  13. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    He's just gripping his stick a little too tight because he and his linemates are in a funk right now. He just needs to persist through the adversity and he'll be lighting it up soon hopefully. In the past couple of years, Hunter has been called on by the Tigers to be sole offensive contributor (last year it was him and Valk, the year before that was him and Etem). This year the Tigers have very balanced scoring (five players close to or over a point per game) and I wonder if he has had trouble adjusting to the fact that he is not the only offensive contributor anymore. If he has had trouble adjusting, it will come with time. There's still 50ish games left in the season.
  14. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Decent numbers so far for Shinkaruk. On a negative note he took a hooking penalty in OT that resulted in the game winning goal for the other team on Friday, he has to watch those stick infractions. He has gotten quite a few penalties this season which have resulted in opposition pp goals. Also, looking at the stats Medicine Hat is 7-2-2 through 11 games which is good for second in the eastern conference and they also have the best goal differential in the eastern conference as well. I don't know how that gives them the definition of "gawful" but if they keep up at the current pace there is no way the Medicine Hat is trading Shinkaruk anywhere.