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  1. One of the most emotionally draining episodes of any ahow I've ever watched. inteesting how the show branded " we're just getting started" and the producers are saying they plan on doing 20 seasons"
  2. Abraham ..
  3. Ps vr is no gimmick. I bought it and it's better than I thought it would be. The shark experience was amazing. Felt very real and like you are there. It's a bit blurry but the experience is really good.
  4. Yes I plan to buy it. Looks awesome
  5. Can not wait for ps vr.. Simply jacked
  6. Has anyone tried ps vr? Trying to get some info on it
  7. How and is IT easy?
  8. Does anyone know if you can play console emulators on iPhone?
  9. Lay off grimace
  10. I was addicted to this game like crack for a month , now it just died.. My interest..
  11. Grimace guy looks like a legit source now
  12. Tweet from Sean Murray of hello games... "Awesome day at Hello Games, we're going to make some people very happy with a PC and PS4 patch that's in test right now " they need to add features. I like the game but it needs more to keep ppl intersted
  13. Nope.. Won't be playing this one
  14. The first two hours of no mans sky were tedious. But when I left the planet and started flying around the star system... Wow.... They did a phenomenal job of creating a feeling of vastness and scale. You could explore a planet for actual days of gaming... So much fun. I really hope they add more mission based gameplay like the old escape velocity series. You can see they drew some ideas from it. Also the ability to explore with other people would put this game over the top
  15. Not everyone wants fast paced constant action. ( I do like that as well)