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  1. Trump Admin devising a plan to blackmail the Ukrainian president
  2. Div 1 eashl team looking for forwards. Ps4

    Most of them don't play anymore. It's me and bertdogg. Andy just re joined actually
  3. Div 1 eashl team looking for forwards. Ps4

    " hunter and the boys" now we had an old cdc team which disbanded
  4. We are a group that has bento getter for 2 years. We are short a couple forwards .. Mostly right wing. We play a structured cycle game , with lots of movement thru the neutral zone and offensive zone. If you would like to try out , give me a shout at jacklayton69 psn. We we are mostly west coast. With a couple from alberta and Colorado / California.
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    Loved that episode.. Don't agree with people who say the show is going downhill
  6. PlayStation 4 Thread

    The last of us was some of the most fun ive had playing a game ever. So intense and fun
  7. My best friend growing up is a cf18 fighter pilot and is routinely doing training in cold lake. Praying it's not him.
  8. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Squid ribs are delicious
  9. The Walking Dead Thread

    One of the most emotionally draining episodes of any ahow I've ever watched. inteesting how the show branded " we're just getting started" and the producers are saying they plan on doing 20 seasons"
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    Abraham ..
  11. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Ps vr is no gimmick. I bought it and it's better than I thought it would be. The shark experience was amazing. Felt very real and like you are there. It's a bit blurry but the experience is really good.
  12. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Yes I plan to buy it. Looks awesome
  13. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Can not wait for ps vr.. Simply jacked
  14. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Has anyone tried ps vr? Trying to get some info on it
  15. Classic Console Emulation

    How and is IT easy?