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  1. Trump Admin devising a plan to blackmail the Ukrainian president
  2. Most of them don't play anymore. It's me and bertdogg. Andy just re joined actually
  3. " hunter and the boys" now we had an old cdc team which disbanded
  4. We are a group that has bento getter for 2 years. We are short a couple forwards .. Mostly right wing. We play a structured cycle game , with lots of movement thru the neutral zone and offensive zone. If you would like to try out , give me a shout at jacklayton69 psn. We we are mostly west coast. With a couple from alberta and Colorado / California.
  5. Loved that episode.. Don't agree with people who say the show is going downhill
  6. The last of us was some of the most fun ive had playing a game ever. So intense and fun
  7. My best friend growing up is a cf18 fighter pilot and is routinely doing training in cold lake. Praying it's not him.
  8. Squid ribs are delicious
  9. One of the most emotionally draining episodes of any ahow I've ever watched. inteesting how the show branded " we're just getting started" and the producers are saying they plan on doing 20 seasons"
  10. Abraham ..
  11. Ps vr is no gimmick. I bought it and it's better than I thought it would be. The shark experience was amazing. Felt very real and like you are there. It's a bit blurry but the experience is really good.
  12. Yes I plan to buy it. Looks awesome
  13. Can not wait for ps vr.. Simply jacked
  14. Has anyone tried ps vr? Trying to get some info on it
  15. How and is IT easy?