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  1. Sound like JB is building a old/young Buins team........
  2. I still think the lottery draft is rigged....
  3. I still think the lottery draft was rigged.
  4. My gut feeling says we gonna get the 2nd overall pick......
  5. If anybody is to blame, it is the NTC. If Benning had asked Dan to go to Boston or Chicago and he says no, than there is nothing Benning can do about it. If Dan is gonna resign with it better be a very home discount.
  6. Dallas for 2nd & 3 rd and than comes back to Van and signs home discount.
  7. The difference between Kes & Vit, is Vit shares the puck
  8. Pick Virtanen and just maybe Kassin will learn how to play....LMAO
  9. Jim Benning as GM and fire Torts and comes in John Stevens
  10. I heard that maybe Trevor Linden might be getting a job in the front office. It's to bad MG got fire, maybe he should have traded some players before hand.