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  1. best fight i saw was curt fraser one punching terry o'reilly around 1980 . we were just stepping into our seats in section y at the renfrew rink when it broke out right below us . o'reilly threw one punch , fraser moved his head to the right as his fist went by then stepped in and knocked him flat out !
  2. i don't think tryamkin or hutton will be exempt after playing 2 seasons ? i can see one of our d being traded at some point if this is true
  3. i agree , don't want to see any top prospects moved but if they can get kane for sbisa + i would love to see him here
  4. this guy isn't bob mckenzie , but he is right a lot of the time all wingers with size and skill but at what price ? Michael Grosso ‏@RumorBreak 3h3 hours ago #BREAKING - Benning working the phone hard. E.Kane/Landeskog/JVR prime targets.
  5. i was going to ask the same question if they don't have to protect him during the expansion draft(s) that would be a huge plus imo
  6. i'd like to punch whoever was responsible for putting a microphone in front of pj stock in the first place
  7. The last defencemen that looked this good on draft day are named Doughty and Karlson , I think we stole him at fifth ! Olli was a bigger part of Finland's gold medal and London's memorial cup wins than a lot of people realize imo
  8. holy cow , you are quick on the draw vintage canuck !
  9. I would do that deal for sure ! imo Yakupov has a higher value than R.N.H. and had some chemistry with Mcdavid last year , not sure they are actually trying to move him despite the rumors
  10. You are probably right , this is one of my few attempts at proposals :-D I think Todd Mclelland would be doing backflips at the thought of moving Hopkins for Sutter , business wise maybe it doesn't make sense though ? Hockey wise I think it's a good move for them because Sutter fits the third-line , shut down type of center a top end heavy team like Edmontoncould really use
  11. I think Tanev is worth the 4th , and Sutter worth R.N.H. considering his contract maybe others picks too idk ? :-)
  12. To Edmonton Chris Tanev Brandon Sutter To Vancouver 4th Overall in 2016 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins While this would make the Oilers competitive immediately it would also give the Canucks 2 top 5 picks in a very good draft and a former first overall who doesn't fit in Edmonton anymore . win - win ?
  13. there is already a deal in place for mccann , thats the only way this deal makes sense to me mccann for drouin maybe ?
  14. really don't know much about this guy or where he gets his info , i just thought it was interesting enough to share certainly wouldn't start a new thread based on info like this :-)
  15. for what its worth , Michael Grosso ‏@RumorBreak 24m24 minutes ago #BREAKING - MTL have been VERY active over the last 24H. Galchenyuk+ was brought up for Stamkos (Sign+Trade). MB working the phone hard. 7 retweets3 likes