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  1. Solid post. The one argument I'd make is that it's tough to say whether a player will develop more in the NHL or juniors. They both have their pros and their cons. For example the NHL puts you up against tougher competition, which might drive you to faster development (Horvat is a great example of this) but sacrifices ice time and experience in key situations. On the other hand, playing in the juniors - like you said - lets players get better at playing high ice time, on the PK, PP, etc. I think that Gaunce and McCann should both make the team - with Hutton getting the 9 game treatment. At Christmas, McCann can play for team Canada in the World Juniors and kick ass.
  2. Horvat had a bit of a slow start to last year, but really picked it up after the winter break and played some great hockey down the stretch. He went toe to toe as a 20 year old against some of the biggest names in the game, and managed to come out on top a lot of the time. In the playoffs, he was arguably one of our best - if not our best - performer. Last year, we were also able to see Bones play in the 2C slot for the first time in his career. Not to bash on Nick (he's a solid player and great value for his contract), but he's simply not a number 2 center. So the question is, is our boy BoHo ready to fill that coveted 2nd line center slot? Or do we give him a bit more time to brew before giving him all that responsibility?
  3. Holy shit. Demko looks absolutely phenomenal in net this game. If it weren't for him, Canada could easily be up 4-1 or 5-1. He couldn't do too much about the first goal (bang-bang play in tight; still almost managed to get it with his blocker). The second goal was also near-impossible to save: a very well placed one-timer with DeAngelo screening the puck's path. I'm really impressed with his grand and quick vision of the play. He seems very alert and active, constantly moving his head on a swivel when the puck's moving around. Demko almost looks "Miller-like" in that he's like an artist in net whose present to all of the minute details that are going about in front of him. Combined with what seems like an exceptional athleticism, Thatcher has been able to make some incredible reactionary saves. All this and the kid's only just turned 19. I'm extremely excited about his future. I may be jumping the gun in saying this, but it looks like #30 is shaping up to be a superstar goalie with potential to be even better than the player he's often compared to, Corey Schneider. In my opinion, the selection of Demko in the second round was our best draft pick decision over the past few years.
  4. I think the thing that many of us are neglecting is that line combinations have a factors that go into them than just player skill/ranking. Yes, if you have 3 players that are much better than the rest at LW, C and RW, it is likely they will play on the first line together. But as we've seen with various NHL and Olympic lineups, line combinations weigh heavily on how well the players and their play-style mesh with one another's: their chemistry. That being said, Virtanen could really end up on any line depending on who he plays most effectively alongside.
  5. This is probably a good move for Shinkaruk in his development as a player. I see the AHL as kind of a stepping stone for him in becoming more responsible defensively and being able to handle a more physical game. Wish him all the best in New Yohk and hopefully he can light the lamp for the Comets! Shinky fan boy out