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  1. Joshmac, no one is going to wait for you to be online. And a few hours a sim... Who votes on kicking Philly?
  2. Touchet, go back on the box!
  3. Trade: To SJ: Brendan Gallagher To MTL: M. Vlasic
  4. Bull smit, go online and get our game out of the way
  5. Me and you play at 2 different times.I play late at night around 11pst. I dont play in the mornings unless my day off. Send me offers! Wanna make trades
  6. Need van and NYR! wanna play tonight till about 9 pst
  7. Thanks lol. Little bit chocked im late. Ill have the game on day 1.
  8. Mark me down for the waiting list. XBL: WndyCtyAssass1n