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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks! The Canucks Fantasy Game application has been working great, you did an amazing job. It’s much more fun to play when it’s working right J I found today that I’ve dropped off the Leader board though .. I should be sitting either in 40th or 41st with a total of 7021 and there is ‘Kaleb’ that is on there twice #40 & #41, with the same score in both places .. I wonder if one of them should be moi? As I am nowhere to be seen, but I was there yesterday at #41 and played last nights pool so I should be houvering there. Could you find me and bring me back to standing? You could put me in first place by error, that’d be okay too J Thanks for keeping the game going, it’s fun!
  2. I was able to choose my roster today .. I set it up around 5pm ..checked it minutes ago and it's updating. Last game still doesn't show the results though.
  3. I'm glad there were others that noticed this too ... mine also zapped 5 minutes before the end and the results haven't been updated as of today .. there are no points for November being that was the only game so far. Hopefully K-Wing Prospect will share his webmaster contact email and we can collectively encourage some action on getting things cleaned up.
  4. I agree, it would be nice with so many people interested in participating, that whoever runs it would do it efficiently .. that would be great!
  5. What is the email that you used for the Webmaster .. I used the link that used to be on the front of the FH Webpage but never had a reply and it is no longer there. I'd appreciate it.
  6. After entering a roster and it says "your roster has been saved" this site randomly decides to show "no roster" when going back at the end of the game to check points. Very frustrating when maintaining a good record and standing, I enter my own and my sons separately, in different browsers .. double save to make sure it takes and the site still screws it up