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  1. I've wanted higgins gone since 2012
  3. your doing it wrong
  4. if we could land Jakob Chychrun oh man.. i would be so happy
  5. i'd love both to go but we will see what management decides
  6. gdt

    He said something along the lines of, "don't expect us to bail out the rookies everytime. They are now young adults and should take care of their own business on the ice" not quote for quote but the jist of it. It was on 1040 today
  7. gdt

    Does it bother anyone else what Prust said? It's just not sitting well with me that's all
  8. gdt

  9. somewhere between 11th and 12th in the west. I would like us to NOT make the playoffs this year. Really do something with Vrbata at the trade deadline and continue to draft well. Benning has done a great job with Virtanen and Boeser so far as a draft choice. I would hope we get a really good position in the first round. Somewhere between 5-12 would be absolutely sick.
  10. I think it's going to be close. I would love the Canucks to win but I truly believe the wild is a damn good team that's structured. If we win tonite it's because every canuck put in that %2 lol
  11. Let's go boys!! Prusty will bring some energy and sbisa pizza is back. Wooooooii
  12. AV's rangers.. Metropolitan GP W L OT P GF GA L10 STRK Rangers 18 14 2 2 30 57 32 9-0-1 W9
  13. Wtf is going on. I can't even watch it on tsn... says not available in my area WTF WTF AND I HAVE TSN5 WTFFFFFF
  14. I agree with you but he also won't develop with 5 minutes and 38 seconds of ice time. I mean, I understand the coach's perspective but... rolling 3 lines is costing us 3rd periods. Also, you gotta have a little more trust in the young guns. Virtanen is in a tough spot for sure!