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  1. Smelling Salts

    Dan Rosen on NHL re-allignment upon Seattle's arrival

    How about relocating Arizona to Houston and then moving them to the Central instead.
  2. Smelling Salts

    [Sportsnet] 2018 Draft Rankings: November

    If we can make the playoffs and still nab Merkley that would be a pretty darn good year in my books. He might be a work in progress defensively right now, but perhaps more than anything else that can be learned over time. Just look at how much Erik Karlsson's two-way game has improved.
  3. Smelling Salts

    [Rumour] Penguins in trade talks for 3rd-line center

    I don't see them being interested in Sutter at all. They also only have a little over 3 million in cap space with a 22 man roster so we'd probably have to retain salary or take money back anyways. However I can see them trading for a guy like Riley Sheahan. Sheahan only has 1 year left on a $2 million contract. Perfect for the Penguins they get a guy that they can afford, is still reasonably young and can slot into that 3c spot nicely. Plus the Red Wings need to shed some cap to sign Athanasiou. That trade makes much more sense for both sides.
  4. Smelling Salts

    Canucks to re-tool their scouting department

    Well this is going to be interesting. I just hope that Judd Brackett, Thomas Gradin and Dan Palango stay on. Anybody else is fairly replaceable.
  5. Smelling Salts

    We will not pay to see Sutter coach this team

    The snippet from the article I saw posted earlier seemed like speculation on fit rather than a report of the Canucks actually being interested in him. He's not my first choice, but I understand some of the appeal. Seriously though let's wait until somebody is actually hired before we break out the pitchforks. The decision is largely out of our hands so we might as well accept that now. I understand having your favored candidates for the job, but this level of hand-wringing is just embarrassing.
  6. I just wanna say that I saw your name in the whos online list and I like smelling salts too.

    1. Smelling Salts

      Smelling Salts

      That's cool man. Honestly though I've never used smelling salts myself. I just saw hockey players using it on tv and thought it would be a good forum name.

  7. I dug up the old thread. Here you go. http://forum.canucks.com/topic/361538-mackenze-stewart-talk/