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  1. Or find another song made for a commercial? How about something that creates a new feeling for the new team instead of a generic song? Or is that what you hope the team is going for?
  2. Use such a dumb generic entrance song now? It feels like all the tradition and customs are gone the worse the team gets. The music used to pump me up and now it sounds like what would play in the background of a Toyota Rav-4 commercial.
  3. Simple concept. Trace back the lineage of how the Canucks ended up at their current roster. Pick a player and go back as far back as you can of the transaction(s) that brought them to the Canucks and the players that were involved. A simple example is: Brandon Sutter was acquired Nick Bonino & Adam Clendening. Bonino was acquired for Ryan Kesler. Adam Clendening was acquired for Gustav Forsling. Therefore, Ryan Kesler and Gustav Forsling resulted in Brandon Sutter being a Canuck. And go.