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  1. Picking up a bad contract in a trade during the cap era that can handicap your franchise is a bad trade. Florida gave away bad contract, it was their fault that they lost Grabner (but we still lost him in this trade, can't excuse their mess up) and gave up a first rounder in Howden, who knows we might have drafted Howden over Kunetzov most likely but we still lost a first rounder and Bernier was still a decent piece man. Still a win for the panthers
  2. That's fair. I looked at Chara's numbers too as soon as the trade was made, I hope I'm wrong and if he becomes half the player Chara was, then it would be a great trade. He has a heavy shot and is a great fighter. Maybe he can become that player lets just cross our fingers
  3. Samuellson was coming off back to back 50 point seasons, played well in the play offs and played the point on the power play. He still had one more good play offs still left in him ( 4 assists in 7 play off games with Florida) while Booth was a bust. Both Sturm and Sammy were pending UFAs, we picked up a bad contract
  4. Since the shocking trade involving Jarred McCann and multiple picks for Eric Gubdransson our team looks a lot different now. But was this trade really shocking, it involved the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks, two dance partners that can never get enough of each other, it doesn't matter which management it was or who owned the team. These two teams have even traded each of their best player in franchise history to the other team in separate deals. They have also traded goalies back to the other team. I will list all the trades as follows between the two parties and a brief run down on the actual trade. March 20, 1996 Jesse Belanger for a 1996 3rd round pick (Oleg Kvasha) Same day we acquired Markus Naslund from Penguins. Pat Quinn wanted to shore up our forward depth heading into the play offs and Belanger ended up being a healthy scratch during their first round exit to the eventual champs Colorado Avalanche. Panthers end up drafting Kvasha a player which they ended up flipping in their greatest trade in franchise history. When the Panthers conned Mike Milbury to give up two blue chippers in Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen for Kvasha and Parrish. WOW what a trade for the Panthers. Win for Panthers January 17, 1999 Ed Jovanovski, Kevin Weekes, Dave Gagner, Mike Brown and 2000 first round pick (Nathan Smith) for Pavel Bure, Bret Hedican, Brad Ference and 2000 third round pick (Robert Fried) Burke was forced to make this deal due to Pavel Bure not reporting to training camp and refusing to play out his final year of his contract. Jovanovski was a great piece to have during the westcoast express era but nobody could ever replace Pavel Bure. Win for Panthers. May 31, 2001 Alex Auld for 2001 second round pick (Tuomas Pilhman) and 2002 third round pick (John Adams) Burke was looking too add goaltending depth in the system either a future starter or a quality back up. Great trade. Win for Canucks June 23, 2006. Lukas Krajicek, Roberto Luongo and 2006 sixth round pick (Sergei Shirokov) for Bryan Allen, Todd Bertuzzi and Alex Auld Dave Nonis struck gold. Todd Bertuzzi needed a change of scenery and his stock was apparently still high according to Keenan. Nonis managed to squeeze out Bert's final decent year to get our future franchise player who was at the time the best young goaltender in the game. This was a lop sided trade, which will be a regular occurring theme involving these two teams but unfortunately for the Canucks it will be the last time they were on the winning end. Win Canucks June 25, 2010 Keith Ballard and Victor Oreskovich for Steve Bernier, Michael Grabner and 2010 first round pick (Quinton Howden) Gillis played a premium to get the services of Ballard who still had 4 years remaining on a 4.5 million cap hit. Ballard was a shell of his former self and was a healthy scratch during the 2011 finals. Some people have said this stems from the Tomas Vuokon incident and he was mentally never the same player again or it was his bad hip. Nevermind about Grabner scoring 35 plus goals the following season with the Islanders or the potential first round pick we lost (Evgeny Kuznetsov) who was picked one spot after Howden. Gillis locked up 4.5 million dollar contract during our glory years who couldn't even beat out Andrew Alberts during the 2011 play offs. This was a terrible move which cost us big time. Win Panthers October 22, 2011 David Booth, Steven Reinprect and 2013 third round pick for Marco Sturm and Mikael Samuelsson David Booth was never the same player after the Mike Richards hit. Wasn't a good fit in Vancouver who was brought to be on Kesler's line. Problem was that Booth was making 4.25 million with four years left on his deal and Samuellson was a great second line player who played the point on the first power play unit. Another bad contract added during the so called glory years. Booth and Ballard over nine million dollars on back to back winning president's trophy. Damn the team was still that good in a cap era. Win Panthers March 4, 2014 Roberto Luongo and Steven Anthony for Jacob Markstrom and Shawn Matthias Mike Gillis was on his way out the door so why not make one more bad trade with the Panthers. This was during the terrorizing era of John Tortorella. This trade was bad and way too rushed. After years of Gillis trying to get the moon for Luongo (Maple Leafs) Gillis just traded our greatest goalie for peanuts. Luongo has made 2 all star appearances since the trade. In my honest opinion it was these three trades with the Panthers that ultimately cost Gillis his job due to cap issues and trading away assets for garbage. Win Panthers May 25, 2016 Eric Gubdransson for Jarred McCann, 2016 second round pick later traded to Buffalo ( Rasmus Asplund) and 2016 fourth round pick (Jonathan Ang) Canucks looked like they traded a premium when they got Gubdransson but the oilers ended up trading Hall for Larsson. So this deal looks okay at the moment. This trade is still up in the air but Gubdransson is at his ceiling and McCann can either by a decent player or a great player. Draw
  5. I don't hate the leafs at all actually, just can't stand their fan base. I don't know about that if they are miles ahead. Auston Matthews is a gem. Let's see Mitch Marner can handle the show, the next "Pat Kane"(reminds me of all the kadri hype) and Nylander. Reilly is good but not a god and the rest of their defence is still horrible. Lets see how Anderson will fare without a strong D and strong team. Remember something Canucks owners can't tank like the Leafs because Leafs will still sell out and sell crazy merch but the Canucks on the other hand our fans won't go and shouldn't go for that matter. Big difference here.
  6. LOL don't diss the raccoon like that by comparing him to the O-Dogg Jeff O'Neal and Kevin Hayes have no idea what they are talking about, they think the leaf rebuild is what all non play off teams should follow.
  7. Exactly. So many first rounders that are selected don't even play an NHL game. Brian Burke said the same thing after drafting Ryan Kesler in the first round so It can change overtime, Kesler worked on his offenisve game and now is regarded as one of the best two way players in the game.
  8. Who the f!ck is Ty Ronning? man...who cares about these guys Yeah If you said Gallagher, Lucic, Franson etc then i would have said something
  9. Don't know who this guy is and don't care but does anybody remember Michael Nylander. I will not be convinced until July 1st
  10. Exactly. Coach Willie treated him like a son, would play him over Mccan which really bugged me at times especially when Mccaan should have been playing in the world juniors not in the press box. Jarred is gone but Willie could have done a better job to up his value rather than devalue the kid and try to make Vey into a major player on this team. Maybe Flordia doesn't get the draft picks.
  11. lol If we're not going to be a threat in the play offs mind as well get the best pick (Tank) as possible....just sucks how we always end up losing in every draft lottery we've ever been in going back to 1970. So there is nothing new. But had we've been the worse team like Toronto we would have gotten the first over all pick
  12. I have the same problem with mary jane. Couldn't go more than one hour without puffing.. Did it in the stalls but didn't have season tickets lol. Yes, drinking and smoking go hand in hand. Maybe you should pre drink and smoke all the smokes you can while pre drinking before entering the game so you can get sick of smoking three hours before leaving the building.
  13. your dream has come true
  14. Exactly Specter. At first I wanted Tkachuck and was upset like majority of fans on this board but Benning is actually a stud at drafting. His track record has been phenomenal so far in drafting unlike his trades but that's a different topic. So I trust Benning. We all thought Cody Hodson was going to be the next great player, the canadian centreman we've never had and we passed up on guys like Myers and Karlsson.
  15. I agree This sucks. Give the guy another two to three years, he was on the verge of becoming great. He knew hockey, he wasn't an expert like Ron yet but give him some time. Ron is a homer and guy that carried Cherry's bags. If this is true this would be very sad