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  1. It is kind of sad that so many hinge our successes on 2 players. I wonder if the Calgary fanbase was thinking they would suck forever once Iggy left. I know I will be in the minority here, but I am excited to see the Sedins move on. I would however like to see them retire here, as they have done great things for this team and city.
  2. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Like the players Benning is bringing in. With that being said, would have like to have seen more of Clendenning(sp?). I would however like to see him address some of our skill. I don't think he is done yet, will be interesting to see what our team looks like come the drop of the puck. The only trade I can't get behind is the Juice trade, but hey that's just me.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Decent cover of a very good tune!!!
  4. Don't Make the Playoffs = Goodbye Old Core

    I just don't see the Sedin's going to another team...Retirement, I could see this happening long before playing for another team.
  5. [Article] Why not Cody Franson

    I am of the same mindset as some others...We need to leave this alone and let some of the young guys prove their worth at the NHL level. No better time than now, as we are handcuffed by the cap.Let the young guys play and see what we have. We may have a few diamonds in the rough, but we will never know if we keep bringing in band-aids. We need some of the bigger NTC contracts to come off the books and by then some of the younger guys will have shown whether or not they can play at the highest level. Unfortunately we are now paying for some of the success we had 4-5 years ago. It is also kind of exciting to see what some of the draft picks will do with their additional ice time. Who knows, we may have what we need given the opportunity!!
  6. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    Teams can always use players like Prust...but again, a fifth and Kass, I just don't know what to make of this. Prust has hit his ceiling...Do the Sedins not bring enough leadership? We do need the toughness, but that was a hefty price to pay. I think the role could have been filled at a much cheaper cap hit. The 14 million dollar cap hit with the Sedin's is really hurting this team. Still plenty of time before the drop of the puck, we'll see how this trade worked into JB's overall plans.
  7. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    Wow...Like Prust, but not for Kass and a fifth. Not sure where this is going, other guys I would have moved before Kass. but you gotta have a dance partner.
  8. [Trade] VAN Kevin Bieksa to ANA (v2)

    Two of my all time favorites!!!! RIP Ryp...Juice bled blue and green. Man it is tough to see him go. Win the cup for Ryp Juice!!! You've got the team now. This is how I will remember Bieksa!!!!
  9. Breaking News: See Ya Bieksa!

        Not sure what you are driving at here with "modern era" Cab. Whatever though, been watching them since the 70's. Probably longer than you have been alive, judging by your "cue bass solo" schtick. Sounds like you didn't like Juice, but you gotta respect his toughness, his dedication to mindcheck and the kids in the community. Pound for pound tough guy.
  10. Breaking News: See Ya Bieksa!

    My favorite Nuck...Wish he had retired a nuck. Hope to see him back in a front office capacity some day. Good Luck Juice...Hope ya win a cup. Sad day brother, but you're going to a much bigger, better, more balanced team!!!! Go Ducks!!!
  11. Do you think we make the playoffs next year?

    Tough call....Would like to see who is on the opening day roster, before I tried to make any predictions. Would really like to see some of the young guys make the big squad...With the youth infusion we may surprise.
  12. How to be popular/not a loner¿?

    Read....Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh.
  13. 2015 List of UFA's and RFA's

    Would like to see A. Pardy and Green come aboard. Skill and toughness/size. Green will demand high dollars on open market...Pardy should be reasonable. Tough decisions...Going to have to move someone and take picks in return to free up some space to acquire Green. I think Green has only ever played one full season...but even if he only plays 65-75 games I think the pros outweigh the cons. Pardy is big and hard to move, stay at home guy, we could use.
  14. ECF: (1) New York Rangers vs (2) Tampa Bay Lightning

    Tampa in 6...Ranger's used up their luck against Ovie and the Cap's. Should be another great goaltending duel. Love me some Stevie Y.
  15. What are you listening to?

    This morning....