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  1. [Report] Canucks interested in Hudler+Shipachyov

    Not big on bringing Hudler on board, takes up a roster spot and takes away NHL experience from our youth movement. If we aren`t moving ahead we are moving backwards. Don`t know much about Shipachyov , but he did some nice work in the WC. We need to see what we have and we can`t do that by signing small 32 year old forwards to short or long term deals
  2. Would you be okay with Hooters sponsoring your kids sports team?

    I`m surprised the old man hasn`t worked his way in there, patting his kid on the head sayin, that`s ma boy.....Now all his buddies are going to want to join the Scouts...Registration be through the roof
  3. How well do you know your neighbours?

    One neighbour is an old hippy....great guy with a green thumb, great stories and a wealth of random knowledge. Otherside is a lawyer with MS who is in a wheelchair now, mow his lawn for him all the time. Party with the old hippy and the neighbours on the other side of him all the time...good times, good people.
  4. Would you be okay with Hooters sponsoring your kids sports team?

    This is our national sport....
  5. Jim Benning Review?

    Maybe a bit early....Looks like he is building from the back end out...IMO the right way to do it. Hasn't pulled a rabbit outta the hat yet, but some solid moves. He is making the team better while still making it younger. Seems like he is well respected around the league...What more can you ask for? Not going to buy the t-shirt just yet...But solid guy.
  6. Would you be okay with Hooters sponsoring your kids sports team?

    I think it all stems from this... http://denver.cbslocal.com/2016/07/04/hooters-sponsorship-of-boy-scout-camp-leads-to-difficult-conversation/
  7. This turned out to be a hot topic on a local radio station here on the Isle of Lesbos yesterday.....Seemed to be a 50/50 split. For me, I would have no problem with it. Some tried to compare it to having a tobacco company sponsoring, which made absolutely no sense, as Hooters doesn't promote Cancer. Thoughts??
  8. Ahhh Apollo.... You`re a tenacious homer, god love ya. I`ll take ya on my team anytime:) I think the McJesus. Ebbs and Luc line has to be considered (even though we haven`t seen a minute of ice time for them). McJesus with anyone must be considered. I think our top line would dominate in puck possession.....So it`s a bit like comparing apples to oranges and depends on what context.
  9. Meh....This team is as good as any when they're healthy. Signing Eriksson, picking up Guddy and our young guys with more experience. Lotta unwarranted hate towards the Nucks out there.
  10. [Signing] Sharks sign Mikkel Boedker

    4 mill. doesn't get you much these days....Pass
  11. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    If we stay the course of building with good/great goaltending...a very good back end and continue to add some good young pieces on the front end we will be fine. If we rush because the Sedins are running out of time, we will find ourselves with many more years of frustration. I am willing to take some losing now to have a much better team in the next 3 or so years, unfortunately the ownership group may not have or want that luxury.
  12. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    I think they need to stay away from the idea that they need player/players to supplement the Sedins. If they do happen upon a player that fits that mold, perhaps Eriksson, then so be it. The focus needs to be on the team as a whole, not what can be done for the time the team has remaining with the Sedin's. After all it is a team game and the team will remain long after they retire.
  13. Do you buy into what management is selling?