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  1. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    1.Trevor Linden 2.Roberto Luongo 3.Pavel Bure 4.Markus Naslund 5.Henrik Sedin 5.Daniel Sedin 7.Sami Salo 8.Jannik Hansen
  2. Someone above me said 'Belgium got lucky'... This was for him.
  3. va te faire foutre argentine!
  4. Tim Howard made the most saves by any goalkeeper in a World Cup game since 1966!
  5. Game stats: Shots: Belgium 38, USA 15. Shots on goal: Belgium 27, USA 9. Enough said.
  6. Belgium! Join the bandwagon!
  7. You mean USA was lucky to even reach the extra tima... Could've been 5-0 after 90 minutes.
  8. Next up: Argentina - Belgium! Bring it Lionel Messi!
  9. Look how Klinsmann is bitching about 'only' 1 minute of stoppage time... The play was barely stopped, how did he expect more?
  10. They dominated for 110 minutes, what do you expect?
  11. Actually he said "Je t'aime mama" or "I love you mom"
  12. GAME... OVER...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSS! Bring on Messi!
  13. Didn't you read what I said? He's injured! If he was healthy he would've started. He's on the bench for show. Vermaelen is also on the bench for Belgian, but same story, injured and unplayable.
  14. Fellaini, Mertens, Origi all scored as subs. Origi and now Lukaku had assists as subs. Subs in on all Belgian goals in this WC.