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    Abbotsford's Luongo Look-a-like... Look for me on S. Fraser after PlayOff wins.
  1. I've set aside a lot of time over the next 9 months to watch hockey. What the f**k am I supposed to do now?!

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    2. The Kassassin Train
    3. :D
    4. SukhKular


      @goalie13: Agreed. I'll be watching other forms of hockey and lot's of classic games as well.

      @GodzillaDeuce: Kamloops Blazers? Sure, why not?

      @smithers joe: I lack the intellect and the steady hands to be of any real help.

      @NightHawkSniper: I plan to pick it up. Always loved the GTA games.

      @Batman: Already did. The child is already taking up a lot of my time, so that'll take my mind off hockey. Good suggestion, though.

      @The K...

  2. Redneck Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire...

  3. "Classic." -Alan; The Hangover
  4. While reading this post I kept thinking where I'll have to drive to pick up the free shirt. Reached the end and I was like DAMNIT!
  5. Luongo jersey. Do you have one? If yes, can I have it?
  6. avelanch is a wolf in sheep's clothing!
  7. My demon child will not sleep! Any ideas?!

    1. Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      Black metal lullaby. >:)

  8. I like to steer clear of Proposals and Armchair GM'ing...

    1. Smashian Kassian

      Smashian Kassian

      Just click on a thread, read a few.

      Some will drive you nuts but yolo right? :bigblush:

  9. Awesome. Mind if I steal the idea for a sig?
  10. Appears to be some sort of CDC loan shark.
  11. avelanch likes to rock and roll all night and PART OF everyday. He usually has errands to run. He can party from like 1 - 3.
  12. Joined CDC right before '07 Playoffs... Possible bandwagoner-turned-fan?
  13. Even the lockout was our year?!
  14. Banned for going to College in the US!