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  1. Are we in full rebuild. Or just clueless?

    There's a plan...you're just an idiot
  2. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    That's awesome. My fiance is from Binghamton, NY (we live in Boston) and the Comets have a back to back games there in April that I plan to attend. I think they play Syracuse then too so maybe even go to that as well since it's only about 30m away. Looking forward to it
  3. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    I think it was a joke. Pretty funny if it was.
  4. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    Nothing wrong with that call... he stuck his leg out from behind and then pushed from the front up top. Side note... is anybody listening on NBC? Holy, I think Engblom had an aneurysm because they made that call. He stated, emphatically that it was shoulder to shoulder and no kicking motion. It was clearly a slew foot or trip, whatever you want to call it. Is it a penalty - that is debatable, but definitley wasn't just shoulder to shoulder lol.
  5. Haha, I just posted the same thing.
  6. Wut? 2003: 2004: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSVRMmUGgyI 2007:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JjYqQiQfYI 2011: 2013: Don't ever let a Boston fan talk shit to you about rioting. I've lived here for 8 years and it happens all the time, albeit not as large a scale as in Vancouver. I think it was the 2008 Celtics riot that some college student actually died as well.
  7. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    someone upload the clip of Chara taking a dive right off that faceoff about 10m into the 3rd
  8. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    Nope, its the old video where he says his team wouldn't taunt other players in a way in which his players do exactly that the very next game... pretty definitively hypocritical. Among other clips where him and Chiarelli talk about their team is classy and clean followed by their team, diving, etc. All teams do this stuff, but its the Bruins that act and pretend they don't. Maybe they are that self-unaware, but most likely just hypocrites which is why there's the hate.
  9. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    lots more of those