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  1. Hepatitis B you get from unprotected sex and/or sharing needles, bodilyy fluids. People make those choices and get infected. Is it therefore not a disease? You can get all forms of cancer from your choice to smoke, drink, live a poor lifestyle, expose yourself to sun, etc. Does that make those forms of cancer not a disease?
  2. I take it you don't follow NFL football?
  3. What exactly is the point of you posting this.
  4. Great post. Completely how I feel, you can just put it into words a lot more eloquently than I could!
  5. Great post. Thank you
  6. There's a plan...you're just an idiot
  7. Why not Ehrhoff, why not Hodgson? What is wrong with you guys? These guys DO NOT fit our team. Listen, I hear a lot of JB bashing going on (and even the almighty Trevor is getting it these days) but this is the reality. We are in a troubled spot with not a strong lineup and a lot of money spoken for. This is the hand we (and specifically JB/TL) were dealt. There are a lot of teams that got better, mostly in our division which is causing some kind of panic. When you take over a team that is up against the cap limit, an aging core with too many player that have NTC then it's going to be tough. IMO JB and Trevor are doing the best they can under the circumstances. Their goal is to make the playoffs each year while getting better and younger/faster, which I think they are doing. I don't like every single move they make, but they sure as hell know a lot more about this business than I do. edit: and just before someone comes in to comment about the Kassian trade... not EVERY SINGLE trade has to be a older guy for a younger guy, whether you agree with it or not. Personally, I do not agree with that trade.
  8. So sad...but had to be done. Can't believe I wan't the ducks to win the cup next year now.
  9. You need to change your name to straight up drunk
  10. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry :/
  11. Oh, sorry
  12. It's so easy, right?
  13. You're missing the point
  14. Keith was drafted 54th
  15. This article was published in 2005: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=johnson/060417_blackhawks Blackhawks have won three cups since, and could realistically win another 3 more Up until 2007 Blackhawks homegames were not even televised. Food for thought.