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  1. CDC Haxball League

    What is haxball?
  2. That is what they were wondering on the team1040....probably something AV said to Willie
  3. Some interesting tweets from Willie regarding AV getting fired Willie Mitchell ‏@Willie_Mitch3323h "Listen SON" you will land back on your feet in no time @kbieksa3 @Ryan_Kesler @strombone1 #canucks #avfired #nhl Willie Mitchell ‏@Willie_Mitch33 22h In all seriousness, good luck to #AV & #Bones -one of the nicest men in hockey. #canucks #nhl #avfired #howAVdoes"son" Mitchell pouring it on AV. On the the team1040 they were saying Willie and AV never got along...never knew that
  4. Tippet also does not like playing young guys and prefers playing vets, just like AV. They were discussing this a while ago I think last playoffs when the Coyotes went on their run..
  5. then why fire AV in the first place? These 2 coaches are so similar
  6. man how is Tippet any different than AV? I remember hearing he doesn't trust young guys and likes his vet plays. He is also pure defensive first if anyone hasn't noticed. He will just continue after AV bringing boring hockey.
  7. Honestly I like Crawford. Why not bring him back? I also like Paul Maurice. Lindy Ruff I was for him but i get the feeling he is similar to AV. Also why not get Linden in for a postion? The man is respected and I think the players will listen to him
  8. Not really this is more of a move Gills could only make to save his own a$$. I still don't think next year we will be so much better. I expect a mediocre season and then Gills getting axed.
  9. I meant because of AV Gillis will probably buy him out or move him, because to Gillis he is a waste of 4mil sitting out.
  10. Strombone ‏@strombone12m Since our 1st year when we arrived together, AV would always tell me that he'd be gone before I would. I guess he was right. Very ironic..
  11. well he may be moved or bought out now. But he has a bad name now because of AV
  12. Av is a good coach and will find work soon. But from day 1, how he buried Keith Ballard is what I hated about him