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  1. missing defense yet? 2d-men and a forward chasing ONE guy around? c'mon guys, we learned positional and man-to-man coverage in NOVICE!!!
  2. who's ready to see MG gone!!??
  3. what part of this crap team's crappy performance is Torts' fault?? coach cant score goals.
  4. well said PhillipBlunt , I would ad that Tanev is a keeper as well, he's a beauty and woks his a$$ off every game
  5. Booth and Burrows gotta go. MG should have been fired with AV. Sedins are done, they should be 3rd liners. This team needs tenacious youth!!! re-tool and hope for a cup run in 2017
  6. sooner or later the wins will start coming again, it wont be easy, but we'll get there. we will get there quicker, however, if MG goes and some re-tooling takes place. good luck tonight boys! your gonna need it! ps. DESTROY Marchand!!
  7. Its time... unfortunately coach V lost the players. After the brutal raping they suffered from Boston in 2011, they all curled up on the shower floor and are still there... its time to get someone else in there to revive them, slap em around and get them determined again. since the 2010/11 season they have lost heart, dertmination and focus, only a tough-as-nails hard-ass coach will be able to get them back to life.....