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  1. I didn’t even realize I made a prediction. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! Maybe that’s just the whisky
  2. This was like the exhibition games for vancouver. There all primed up ready to go for the real playoffs now. Game ready! While the other teams have just been practicing! I hope toffoli comes back soon and green better not fu!#%ing put him on petey line! Pearson and horvat are great together, and toffoli and Pearson have great chemistry! LETS GO!!!!!!!
  3. Bob Cole and Harry Neale were the best voices of hockey period!
  4. I feel no player in any league or any person ever should kneel or sit during an anthem regardless of the reason. Why does one take their hat off during the anthem. Out of respect. So why is kneeling ok? There MUST be a better way of standing up against racism!
  5. I hope to god when toffoli returns, green shifts him to horvats wing. Boeser just clicks so well with petey and miller
  6. Is it wrong of me to hope they loose so they can have a shot at first overall?
  7. You feel it’s a long term hold? You think it will rebound?
  8. Guys. Honest opinion. Should I hold gnus or drop it and invest in something else. I’ve lost $300 so far. I’m a hair trigger away from dumping it. Need advice
  9. I refuse to believe toffoli is a rental!! I truly believe he will be signed! Perfect first and second line RW’s.
  10. I could care less. Like many have said before, he doesn’t seem at all to be a team player more like a me first type. He should’ve signed a show me deal. I would just hate to see him thrive with a new team and everyone on here bashing the crap out of banning for not doing anything about it. Which isn’t fair.